Apache Unomi Web Tracker Javascript Library

This is the web tracker for apache-unomi ( http://unomi.apache.org/ )

This package can be used in a Javascript application to interact with Apache Unomi.

Getting started

Adds tracker to your app :

npm add unomi-analytics


     'Apache Unomi': {
         scope: 'my-app',
         url: 'http://unomi:8181',
unomiTracker.ready(function() {
    console.log("Unomi context loaded - profile id : "+window.cxs.profileId + ", sessionId="+window.cxs.sessionId);

Implicit page view event

In the initialize call, the tracker will generate an implicit page view event, which by default will be populated with the following information:

    window.digitalData.page = window.digitalData.page || {
        path: location.pathname + location.hash,
        pageInfo: {
            pageName: document.title,
            pageID : location.pathname + location.hash,
            pagePath : location.pathname + location.hash,
            destinationURL: location.href

Now if you want to provide your own custom page information for the initial page view, you can simply do it like this:

            scope: 'myScope',
            url: 'http://unomi:8181', // we use an empty URL to make it relative to this page.
            initialPageProperties: {
                path: path,
                pageInfo: {
                    destinationURL: location.href,
                    tags: ["tag1", "tag2", "tag3"],
                    categories: ["category1", "category2", "category3"]
                interests: {
                    "interest1": 1,
                    "interest2": 2,
                    "interest3": 3

Also note that the FIRST call to unomiTracker.page() will be IGNORED because of this initial page view. This is the way that the Analytics.js library handles it. So make sure you are aware of this when calling it. This is to avoid having two page views on a single call and to be compatible with old versions that did use the explicit call.

Sending events

Here are some examples of sending events :

unomiTracker.page() // first call will be ignored as the initial page load is done in the initialize method

    nickname: 'Amazing Grace',
    favoriteCompiler: 'A-0',
    industry: 'Computer Science'

unomiTracker.track('articleCompleted', {
    title: 'How to Create a Tracking Plan',
    course: 'Intro to Analytics'

As the Unomi Tracker uses the Analytics.JS API, you can find more information about it here. All methods can be used on unomiTracker object, although not all event types are supported by Unomi integration.