I test for update properties action (#257)

* UNOMI-418: provide Integration test for recent fix on UpdatePropertiesAction

* UNOMI-418: make all test waiting for unomi full startup for more stability
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Apache Unomi


Apache Unomi stores user profile information and is mostly used to provide a backend server for A/B testing and personalization. To do so it implements the currently under development OASIS Context Server specification.


The source code is available under the Apache License V2


  • main (master) branch: is the current development branch and should be considered unstable. At this it might even not compile. It is only recommended for Unomi developers or people looking to contribute on the project.
  • unomi-X.X.X branches : these are the maintenance branches of the stable releases of Apache Unomi and should always compile and be stable. These are recommended for users that prefer to work from the source code. Otherwise you can find packaged binaries on the Apache Unomi website.


You can find all the updated documentation, including building and deployment instructions, on the Apache Unomi web site.