Apache unomi

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  1. ce19af4 Update version to 1.3.0 by Serge Huber · 9 weeks ago main
  2. fa5f84c UNOMI-756: set cookies as secure when https protocol is used (#15) by kevan Jahanshahi · 3 months ago v1.2.0
  3. d96122f Merge pull request #14 from apache/UNOMI-742-remove-listener by jsinovassin · 4 months ago
  4. 29bf4fa UNOMI-742 : remove listener added in registerOptimizationTest by jsinovassin · 4 months ago
  5. 809beea UNOMI-715: bump next dev version to 1.2.0 by Kevan · 7 months ago

Apache Unomi tracker

A JavaScript tracker library for Apache Unomi.


The source code is available under the Apache License V2