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  1. 272b58e UNOMI-671: change version to 1.0.1 by Kevan · 2 hours ago main v1.0.1
  2. 052b1aa UNOMI-671: improve release doc (#9) by kevan Jahanshahi · 3 days ago
  3. 459ad57 UNOMI-671: small renaming to have better naming in console debugger by Kevan · 4 days ago v1.0.0
  4. 94eb54e UNOMI-671: add .npmignore to avoid packaging unecessary files/folders. Add sourcemap also by Kevan · 4 days ago
  5. 6d58088 1.0.0 by Kevan · 4 days ago

Apache Unomi tracker

A JavaScript tracker library for Apache Unomi.


The source code is available under the Apache License V2