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#summary Release notes for 1.3.1
uimaFIT 1.3.1 is a minor feature release. It should be binary backwards compatible with 1.3.0 and provides new features some of which we introduce next. For a complete list of changes see the [ CHANGES] file
== Nested external resources ==
Resources can now be injected into other resources.
AnalysisEngineDescription descriptor = AnalysisEngineFactory.createPrimitiveDescription(
TestAnalysisEngine2.PARAM_RESOURCE, createExternalResourceDescription(
TestExternalResource2.PARAMETER, "value",
TestExternalResource2.PARAM_RESOURCE, createExternalResourceDescription(
TestExternalResource.PARAMETER, "value")));
Nested resources are only initialized if they are used in a pipeline which contains at least one component that calls `ConfigurationParameterInitializer.initialize()`. Any component extending uimaFIT's component base classes qualifies. If you use nested resources in a pipeline without any uimaFIT-aware components, you can just add uimaFIT's `NoopAnnotator` to the pipeline.