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#summary Release notes for 1.3.0
uimaFIT 1.3.0 is a minor feature release. It should be binary backwards compatible with 1.2.0 and provides new features some of which we introduce next. For a complete list of changes see the [ CHANGES] file
== External resources ==
External resources can now be bound to a component just like you would set a configuration parameter if the component uses the uimaFIT `@ExternalResource` annotation to declare a resource dependency. So if the component declares an external resource like
final static String RES_MODEL = "Model";
@ExternalResource(key = RES_MODEL)
private Model model;
you can set the resource like
AnalysisEngineDescription desc = createPrimitiveDescription(Annotator.class,
Annotator.PARAM_STRICT, true,
Annotator.RES_MODEL, createExternalResourceDescription(
Model.class, "path/to/my/model"));
== Logging ==
uimaFIT now provides a more convenient logging API similar to Apache Commons Logging and Log4J when using the uimaFIT component base classes:
getLogger().error("Unable to read file", e);
== selectBetween ==
This new method allows to select all annotations of a specific type located between two boundary annotations:
Collection<Token> tokens = selectBetween(Token.class,
leftBoundaryAnnotation, rightBoundaryAnnotation);
A typical use case would be for relation extraction where you want to extract, say, all tokens between two named entity mentions.