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<chapter id="">
<title>Building an executable JAR</title>
<para>Building an executable JAR including uimaFIT components typically requires extra care. Per
convention, uimaFIT expects certain information in specific locations on the classpath, e.g. the
<filename>types.txt</filename> file that controls the <link
linkend="">automatic type system detection</link> mechanism must
reside at <filename>META-INF/</filename>. It often occurs that a
project has several dependencies, each supplying its own configuration files at these standard
locations. However, this causes a problem with naive approaches to creating an executable
<emphasis>fat-jar</emphasis> merging all dependencies into a single JAR file. Without extra
care, the files supplied by the different dependencies overwrite each other during the packaging
process and only one file <emphasis>wins</emphasis> in the end. As a consequence, the types
configured in the other files cannot be detected at runtime. Such a native approach is taken,
for example, by the Maven Assembly Plugin.</para>
<para>The Maven Shade Plugin provides a convenient alternative for the creation of executable
fat-jars, as it provides a mechanism to concatenate the configuration files from different
dependencies while creating the fat-jar. To use the Maven Shade Plugin with uimaFIT, use the
following configuration section in your POM file and make sure to change the
<parameter>mainClass</parameter> as required for your project:</para>
&lt;!-- Set the main class of the executable JAR -->
&lt;!-- Merge the uimaFIT configuration files -->
Prevent huge shaded artifacts from being deployed
to a Maven repository (remove if not desired)
<para>Due to formatting constraints in the PDF version of this manual, the example above uses
<code>\</code> to indicate a line continuation. Remove these and join the lines when you
copy/paste this example.</para>
<para>You might want to consider also merging additional files, such as LICENSE, NOTICE, or
DEPENDENCY files, configuration files for the Java Service Locator API, or files used by
other frameworks that uses similar conventions for configuration file locations. Check the
documentation of the Maven Shade Plugin, as different kinds of configuration files require
different specialized transformers.</para>