[TVMScript][Fix] Correct round-trip of explicit root block (#12673)

* [TVMScript][Fix] Correct round-trip of explicit root block

Prior to this commit, when converting TIR to TVMScript, the root
`tir::Block` is typically hidden.  When parsing, however,
`tvm::tir::ScriptComplete` will wrap the function body in a root block
if the primfunc if the contains at least one block and does not
already have a root block.  As a result, if the root block is the only
block present, it would be stripped by a round-trip.

This commit tightens the condition for hiding the root `tir::Block`
when converting to TVMScript, so that it is printed in cases where
the autocompleter would reinsert it when parsing.
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Open Deep Learning Compiler Stack

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Apache TVM is a compiler stack for deep learning systems. It is designed to close the gap between the productivity-focused deep learning frameworks, and the performance- and efficiency-focused hardware backends. TVM works with deep learning frameworks to provide end to end compilation to different backends.


TVM is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

Getting Started

Check out the TVM Documentation site for installation instructions, tutorials, examples, and more. The Getting Started with TVM tutorial is a great place to start.

Contribute to TVM

TVM adopts apache committer model, we aim to create an open source project that is maintained and owned by the community. Check out the Contributor Guide.


We learned a lot from the following projects when building TVM.

  • Halide: Part of TVM's TIR and arithmetic simplification module originates from Halide. We also learned and adapted some part of lowering pipeline from Halide.
  • Loopy: use of integer set analysis and its loop transformation primitives.
  • Theano: the design inspiration of symbolic scan operator for recurrence.