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Apache Tuscany's SDO Java Release 1.1.1
Tuscany SDO provides an implementation of the SDO 2.1 specification which
aims to simplify and unify the way in which applications handle data.
This 1.1.1 release is a maintenance release over the
previous 1.1 release. For previous revision history, take a look at
Please visit the sdo java releases page on our website; see below for how to access the website
For general documentation about the Tuscany project and the SDO for Java, see the Tuscany website.
Please note that at the time of making this release, Apache Tuscany is in transition from being an Apache
incubator project to being an Apache top level project. At the time of creating these release notes,
the website can be found at
However, in the lifetime of this release that link will be out of date. Please either follow any forward
references provided by that link, or find us via the top level http:/ page. Most likely
you'll find us at
Changes in this 1.1.1 release:
Removal of the incubating tag, since apache Tuscany has graduated to an Apache Top Level Project since the 1.1 release
Bug Fix
TUSCANY-2240 Creation of SDO object out of XML (read from an JMS message) is taking too long