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Building SDO Releases
The SDO specification source distribution and the SDO implementation source distribution
together with a computer with a live internet connection, maven 2.0.4 installed and java 1.4.2
or above installed are all you need to build
1) the SDO binary distribution
2) the SDO samples source distribution (note that the source distribution is a derivative of
the binary distribution, since it ships with javadoc, which is generated by the binary distribution)
Building the SDO Java Implementation Project Binary Release from the source distribution
(note, these instructions are for building the SDO binary release from
source, not for establishing a development environment. If you wish to
participate in sdo development, follow the instructions at
1) Download the corresponding SDO specification source distribution from
2) Execute the instructions in that archive for building the SDO specification component
Note: following this step you will have maven installed, and a Java JDK at level 1.4.2 or above installed.
3) If you have chosen to install a JDK at level 5 then all will be fine, but there is one value add component in the
Tuscany SDO implementation which relies on new JDK 5.0 features. If you do not wish to use JDK 5 for the following
build step, then you will need to delete the file
sdo/tools/src/main/java/org/apache/tuscany/sdo/generate/ before proceding
4) Change to the top level directory of the Tuscany SDO Java Implementation project (sdo) of this source distribution.
6) Execute: mvn
This will install the sdo implementation jar in you local repository
5) Execute: mvn package javadoc:javadoc assembly:assembly
This will build the Tuscany SDO for Java binary distribution artefacts in the sdo/distribution/target
Note: Depending on the load being experienced by remote Maven 2.0 repositories you may have to execute mvn several
times until required dependencies are all located in your local maven repository. After you have completed a
full successful build you can use "mvn -o" which is much faster.
6) To run the sample programs, change directory to the "sample" directory, and run the command "mvn". Then look in the sample/target/site/apidocs/index.html file for javadoc that describes how to run the samples.
Building the SDO Samples Source distribution
To build the SDO Samples source distribution
1) copy the sdo/sample directory from the SDO implementation source distribution to a temporary folder
2) Build the SDO binary distribution as instructed above
3) From the top level directory of your SDO implementation build tree change directory to the sample directory and execute the command mvn javadoc:javadoc to create javadoc for the samples in the target/site directory
4) copy the site folder to the temporary directory created for step 1
4) create .zip and .tar.gz archives of the sample source and javadoc