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What's New in SDO Java 1.1-incubating
Apache Tuscany's SDO Java Release 1.1-incubating is the second such release
with full coverage of the SDO 2.1 specification (First being 1.0-incubating).
It includes some new features and improvements along with a number of bug fixes (see below for detail).
For previous revision history, take a look at
SDO Java 1.1-incubating is a superset of previous SDO 1.0-incubating release.
Anything in 1.0-incubating is also in 1.1-incubating, but 1.1-incubating contains
features and bugfixes not present in 1.0-incubating release.
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Binary Artifact Changes
Since the 1.0-incubating-beta release the following binary artifacts have been renamed
The maven groupId of the SDO API binary artifact has changed from "commonj" to "org.apache.tuscany.sdo"
The maven artifactId for the SDO API binary artifact has changed from "sdo-api-r2.1" to "tuscany-sdo-api-r2.1"
The jar file containing the SDO API has a new "tuscany-" prefix, so what was ..
sdo-api-r2.1-1.0-incubating-beta1.jar in the beta1 release becomes
tuscany-sdo-api-r2.1-1.0-incubating.jar in this release.
In addition a new maven artifact and jar has appeared.
maven groupId=org.apache.tuscany.sdo
maven artifactId=tuscany-sdo-lib
jar archive=tuscany-sdo-lib-1.1-incubating
This artifact provides a clear distinction between Tuscany SDO implementation, and the Tuscany
API which extends the SDO API. See the javadoc contained in the binary release for details of
the function provided by this artifact.
New Features and Fixes
For more detail on these fixes and features please see ...
New Feature
TUSCANY-1128 Support attribute and element with same name
TUSCANY-1527 Allow for custom data binding of DataObjects in a Swing UI
TUSCANY-193 Fix eclipse warnings for sdo/tools
TUSCANY-1063 Improve diagnostics running XSD2JavaGenerator against bad schema
TUSCANY-1283 Better organization of the interfaces and classes in the SDO Java project
TUSCANY-1399 Generate SDO test classes using maven-sdo-plugin
TUSCANY-1468 Use HelperContext for scope in Tuscany API
TUSCANY-1483 Static SDO generator: problem with elements named internal*
TUSCANY-1498 Improve SubstitutionValuesTestCase
TUSCANY-257 Recently added file is not compatible with JDK 1.4
TUSCANY-612 Java SDO Overview doc doesn't address setting of M2_REPO variable
TUSCANY-1006 ChangeSummaryImpl.cachedSDOObjectChanges appears to not be thread safe
TUSCANY-1084 Java Serialization: The Type definition is overwritten in the registry within the same scope
TUSCANY-1272 CrudWithChangeHistory test case fails as it's not finding the deleted object in the changeSummary
TUSCANY-1293 SDO does not work with OSGi
TUSCANY-1397 createDataObject() throws NPE if property does not exist
TUSCANY-1484 StackOverflowException invoking isSet on a static DataObject with a dynamically-added property
TUSCANY-1505 Naming scheme used for variables in code gen factory init() method breaks under specific circumstances
TUSCANY-1514 DataHelperImpl.toDate will report a NullPointerException
TUSCANY-1528 ClassCastException thrown when trying to deserializing an XML with undefined global element
TUSCANY-1531 Java SDO Documentation page should be updated to default website stype/design
TUSCANY-1540 Abstract Static Base Types mixed with Dynamic Extended Types
TUSCANY-1545 Change default XML encoding to "UTF-8".
TUSCANY-1574 SDOXSDEcoreBuilder.createResourceSet() is not thread safe
TUSCANY-1638 SDO command-line code generator behaves differently than standalone when invoked in Eclipse
TUSCANY-1645 XSD2JavaGenerator failed to gen on the wsdl files with only <xsd:import> element in <xsd:schema>
TUSCANY-1655 Generated code uses deprecated method FactoryBase.getProperty(Type,int)
TUSCANY-1673 PackageClassInfo being override when Element and ComplexType have same name
TUSCANY-1726 List DataObject.getList(String path) should return an empty list when there is no value
TUSCANY-1780 [JAVA-SDO] Incorrect generation of class with default value for a list
TUSCANY-1788 DataObjectXMLStreamReader doesn't declare the xsi namespace if there is a xsi:type or xsi:nil attribute
TUSCANY-1811 ClassCastException saving codegen-based DataGraph with ChangeSummary containing an xsd:float
TUSCANY-1812 XMLHelper.load() IOException using schema that has both a substitution group and an extension
TUSCANY-1830 SimpleType extension across mixed static/dynamic namespaces is broken
TUSCANY-1832 Complex type w/simple content restriction facets are ignored
TUSCANY-1838 HelperContext provided to createObjectOutputStream is inadvertently ignored
TUSCANY-1842 IOException loading DataGraph containing a deleted dataObject with a property whose type extends a complexType w/simple integer content
TUSCANY-1853 XSD2JavaGenerator generates Java identifier with dots
TUSCANY-1925 Cannot build or run with Sun's 1.4.2 JDK
TUSCANY-1935 Conversion of Bytes to/from String properties is not functioning correctly.
TUSCANY-2007 SDO Samples - fix sampleProgramContents.html's Firefox display issue
TUSCANY-2009 Java SDO's EqualityHelper doesn't compare Bytes values correctly
TUSCANY-2011 include apache headers in xmls and xsds without causing test case failures
TUSCANY-2025 SDO Java Samples - minor commentary fixes
TUSCANY-2187 Surefire fails because of java.endorsed.dirs setting
TUSCANY-1359 New SDOUtil: Upper and lower bound on properties where 'isMany' is true
TUSCANY-1360 New SDOUtil: Getting the enumeration facet