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What's New in SDO Java ${sdo.version}
Apache Tuscany's SDO Java Release ${sdo.version} is the first such release
with full coverage of the SDO 2.1 specification.
In addition to adding the few remaining SDO 2.1 features not included in the
${sdo.previousversion} release and fixing a number of bugs (see below for detail)
there are a number of new features relating to XML serialization, and new
support for handling dynamic derivation from static classes.
For previous revision history, take a look at${sdo.previousversion}/sdo/distribution/RELEASE_NOTES.txt
SDO Java ${sdo.version} is a superset of previous SDO ${sdo.previousversion} release.
Anything in ${sdo.previousversion} is also in ${sdo.version}, but ${sdo.version} contains
features and bugfixes not present in ${sdo.previousversion} release.
Please visit
Binary Artifact Changes
Since the 1.0-incubating-beta release the following binary artifacts have been renamed
The maven groupId of the SDO API binary artifact has changed from "commonj" to "org.apache.tuscany.sdo"
The maven artifactId for the SDO API binary artifact has changed from "sdo-api-r2.1" to "tuscany-sdo-api-r2.1"
The jar file containing the SDO API has a new "tuscany-" prefix, so what was ..
sdo-api-r2.1-1.0-incubating-beta1.jar in the beta1 release becomes
tuscany-sdo-api-r2.1-1.0-incubating.jar in this release.
In addition a new maven artifact and jar has appeared.
maven groupId=org.apache.tuscany.sdo
maven artifactId=tuscany-sdo-lib
jar archive=tuscany-sdo-lib-${sdo.version}
This artifact provides a cleear distinction between Tuscany SDO implementation, and the Tuscany
API which extends the SDO API. See the javadoc contained in the binary release for details of
the function provded by this artifact.
New Features and Fixes
For more detail on these fixes and features please see ...
New Feature
TUSCANY-1197 Sequence composition
TUSCANY-1212 SDO 2.1 feature: Property.isNullable() and Property.isOpenContent()
TUSCANY-1213 SDO 2.1 feature: DataHelper.convert()
TUSCANY-1214 SDO 2.1 feature: XMLHelper.load(Source) and
TUSCANY-1317 Provide a way to set default XML load options to be used during Java deserialization
TUSCANY-513 Implement support for dynamic subclasses of statically generated types
TUSCANY-1110 Improve the performance of TypeHelperImpl.getType(Class)
TUSCANY-1233 Enhance SDO static codegen (XSD2Java) to support multiple namespaces in a single pass.
TUSCANY-1284 Manifest version number in Java SDO Impl and Tools jars
TUSCANY-1350 Reorganise SDO build / distribution layout
TUSCANY-1391 Provide capability to load and save XML with unknown features
TUSCANY-1459 Remove package registry delegation to EPackage.Registry.INSTANCE
TUSCANY-578 Exceptions thrown by SDO runtime not the same as defined in the spec
TUSCANY-993 Problems with sdoModelExtended.xsd
TUSCANY-1122 TypeConversionTestCase fails for JDK 1.4.2
TUSCANY-1127 ObtainingDataGraphFromXml, and maybe other samples, incorrectly accessing xsd:any content
TUSCANY-1143 Generated code should separate metadata creation from registration to permit proper scoping
TUSCANY-1207 TCCL-specific EcoreBuilders must be used by default XSDHelper
TUSCANY-1223 XSD base64Binary type mapping to wrong SDO type
TUSCANY-1250 Static SDO generator generates an erroneous factory class, when inheritance and different Java packages are used
TUSCANY-1251 Code generated from xsd:base64Binary types fail to compile
TUSCANY-1254 Codegen on a type inheriting from a type in different namespace will result in mis-mapping the feature IDs
TUSCANY-1305 Changesummary of datagraph using static interfaces.
TUSCANY-1324 DeserializationNoSchemaTestCase took a long time to run
TUSCANY-1325 Property value with xsd:QName type is not deserialized and serialized correctly
TUSCANY-1333 [Java SDO] ClassCastException when defining schema file without .xsd extension
TUSCANY-1352 NPE in SDOXSDEcoreBuilder.XSDSchemaAdapterFactoryImpl.SchemaLocator.locateSchema
TUSCANY-1369 EMF 2.2.2 Dependencies from ISU are Stale
TUSCANY-1385 Duplicate namespace was serialized when SDO QName property value containing existing namespace
TUSCANY-1393 ClassCastException saving codegen-based DataGraph with ChangeSummary containing an xsd:int
TUSCANY-1408 Cannot programmatically define a SDO property matching to XSD element
TUSCANY-1410 DataHelperImpl.toCalendar() with null locale should use default locale
TUSCANY-1421 on root object of DataGraph gives serialization of href="root.xml#/"
TUSCANY-1428 XSD2JavaGenerator.GeneratePackage information is invalid
TUSCANY-1429 Using default helper context got ClassCastException due to T-1317
TUSCANY-1430 SDO codegen is needs to use internal property numbers for inverseAdd, inverseRemove, and notify calls
TUSCANY-1436 TypeHelper.getType(java.util.List.class) throws ClassCastException
TUSCANY-1446 Java SDO samples don't compile with JDK 1.4.2
TUSCANY-1457 Unable to code gen SDOModel.xsd