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Building the Apache Tuscany SCA source distribution
Initial Setup
1) Install J2SE 6.x JDK, which can be downloaded from
2) Make sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the newly installed
JDK location, and that your PATH includes %JAVA_HOME%\bin (windows) or
$JAVA_HOME/bin (unix).
3) Install Maven 2.0.7 or higher (2.2.1 recommended), which can be downloaded from Make sure that your PATH includes
the MVN_HOME/bin directory.
4) Make sure that your MAVEN_OPTS environment variable has -Xmx128M (or more),
you can manually do this by executing the following in your prompt :
Windows users:
set MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx128M
Unix users:
export MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx128M
1) Change to the top level directory of Apache Tuscany source distribution.
2) Run
$> mvn
This will compile Apache Tuscany and run all of the tests in the source
Depending on the load of remote Maven 2.0 repositories, you may have
to run "mvn" several times utill the required dependencies are
all located in your local maven repository. It usually takes some time for
maven to download required dependencies in the first build. Once all the
dependencies have been downloaded you may use the -o option to run maven
in offline mode, for example, 'mvn clean install -o'.