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The Turbine Website Instructions

The Turbine web site is based on .xml files which are transformed into .html files using Maven.

This is the wrapper site for the released Turbine builds. New/Changed Turbine builds should be added/updated here:

  • xdocs/index.xml
  • xdocs/news.xml
  • src/site/site.xml
  • doap/doap_Turbine.rdf

Once you have the site checked out locally, cd into your turbine-site directory and execute:

mvn site

This will build the documentation into the target/site/ directory. The output will show you which files got re-generated.

If you would like to make modifications to the web site documents, you simply need to edit the files in the xdocs/ directory.

Once you have built your documentation and confirmed that your changes are ok, you can check your .xml files back into Git.


To deploy the site execute:

Either save the content from target/site, switch to branch asf-site, copy the saved content to the root, add missing files, commit and push the changes.


mvn site site:stage

mvn scm-publish:publish-scm