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About Turbine Parent

This is the parent for Turbine-Core, Site and most of Fulcrum components and inherits Apache Parent POM.



  • Check turbine-parent-assembly module dependency, which overwrites Apache module (still needed in 2017)

  • Check versions with Maven Versions Plugin:

    • mvn versions:display-plugin-updates
    • mvn versions:display-property-updates
    • mvn versions:display-dependency-updates


If process hangs up, check or remove all files in maven repo in folder org/owasp/dependency-check-data/ and run to check separately:

mvn org.owasp:dependency-check-maven:check 


  • Normally, this module (and turbine-parent-assembly) could be released lazily (add [LAZY][VOTE] in release voting phase).


Since v.9

  • Java 8: include explicitely cobertura if needed: mvn clean site install -Papache-release,cobertura

Since v10

  • Profile owasp, which enables the by default disabled dependency check.

Since v11

  • Requires Java 11 minimal.

Since v12

  • Exclude jacoco if jvm > 18,
  • Add cyclonedx for apache-release