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  1. c25cb8d Update dependencies: Use jakarte servlet compatible jabsorb 2.0.0, add json dependency explicitely (which is optional, but required for Turbine xml rpc service to work), remove commons-configuration (includes commons lang), update commons-configuration 2.11.2, -logging 1.3.2, -text 1.12.0 and yauaa to 7.26.1 by gemkall · 5 days ago trunk
  2. b6ed82f Replace javax servlet-api 3.1.0 with jakarta servlet-api 6.1.0, use jakarta dependendies commons-email2-jakarta, log4j-jakarta-web and update fulcrum-localization and fulcrum-quartz to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT, fulcrum-intake, fulcrum-security and fulcrum-parser to 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT, fulcrum-testcontainer to 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT. Set Turbine core version to 7-SNAPSHOT by Georg Kallidis · 8 days ago
  3. 412afb3 Update deps parent to 13-SNAPSHOT, use torque 6.0, minor updates for yauaa 7.25.0, jackson2 2.17.1 by Georg Kallidis · 6 weeks ago
  4. c421b79 New configuration option "session.objectinputfilter" by Thomas Vandahl · 6 weeks ago
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Apache Turbine

Turbine Top Level README

Welcome to Turbine. For more information about Turbine, please look at the HTML documentation in the docs/ directory.

Here is a description of what each of the top level directories contains. Please consult the documentation in each of the lower level directories for information that is specific to their contents.

conf/ This is where the sample configurations live. xdocs/ This is where the documentation and database schemas live. All of the files in this directory are mirrored onto the live website. src/ This is where all of the source code to Turbine lives. target/ This is a temporary directory for building the project.


In order to get started with Turbine, you must build it first. Turbine uses Maven for its build environment. You can find installation information about Maven online at http://maven.apache.org/ .

Once Maven has been installed, just type ‘mvn package’. The default behavior is to compile, run the unit tests, and build the jar.

Docker Testcontainer (optional)

To allow a simulation of an integrated environment you could start dockerized tests (with tag docker) with the docker-testcontainer profile.

mvn clean test -Pdocker-testcontainer.

This will initiate a start of an mysql database and an cleanup after tests are completed. The currently used mapped ort is saved into the file conf/test/docker-managertorque.usersettings.properties

Find more about Docker-Testcontainer here. If you want to get one step further check out the Turbine-Archetype here. This allows you use an Turbine Maven archetype in a hosted or dockerized environment.

Site Building

Some other useful goals:

mvn site   - generate the site documention
  • test site

    mvn site scm-publish:publish-scm -Dscmpublish.dryRun=true -Papache-release

Activating Maven profile apache-release is not required, und may require a signing process (you need a gpg key).

  • deploy site

    Either check out the branch asf-ste and copy /replace files from target/site to the root, add and commit. This will trigger (thanks to the .asf.yaml configuration) an update to the distribution site.

    Or run:

    mvn clean site scm-publish:publish-scm -Papache-release

  • Deploys Turbine release site to the Apache web site (cft. to https://github.com/apache/turbine-site how to deploy main Turbine web site). CAVEAT: If you make a dry run or decide to rebuild a new site when publishing, delete the cache folder to avoid that no site might be deployt! By default this folder is user.home/turbine-sites/turbine, configured in Turbine parent property turbine.site.cache.

More about Releases

Find more about release related command hints in

  • https://github.com/apache/turbine-fulcrum-build/
  • IMPORTANT: BEFORE running release, i.e. if the major.minor versino numbers changed, you have to update turbine.site.path in pom.xml to the new production path (e.g. turbine/turbine-4.0 for version 4.0) removing the “development/”-part of the path.
  • if updating the site for the new SNAPSHOT version add the new development path (e.g. turbine/development/turbine-5.1 for version 5.1-SNAPSHOT) AFTER the release.
  • Find more about the site structure here: https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf#turbine.

As of Turbine 2.3, you must also have the Torque plugin for Maven installed to build Turbine. Information on how to install the plugin is available at http://db.apache.org/torque/torque-5.0/documentation/modules/maven-plugin/index.html .

-The Turbine Team