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Trafodion Installers

  • python-installer - This is the command-line installer. Installs server tarball on existing CDH, HDP, or APACHE cluster.
  • ambari-installer - This integrates with Ambari cluster manager, so only applies to HDP. In this case, trafodion server is installed via RPM. This is installed on Ambari server as a management pack. Trafodion can be included in the initial cluster creation or added later.

Ambari Integration

The Ambari MPack (management pack) is also packaged as an RPM, having a dependency on ambari-server. Given a proper yum repo file, traf_ambari rpm can be installed directly and it pulls in ambari-server. If ambari-server is previously installed and running, it must be restarted to pick up the Trafodion management pack.


Part of Ambari‘s job is to set up yum repo files on each node in order to install packages. The default URLs are for Hortonworks’ public repos. But since your custom-built Trafodion is not hosted there, you need to specify a URL for your local yum repo server.

The default value is built into the traf_ambari RPM. This default value can be changed at install time in the Ambari GUI. The default URL value can also be set when building the traf_ambari package. Use make to specify value of REPO_URL.

make package-all REPO_URL=http://my.repo.server/repo/...

Setting default value can be done either at the top-level (package-all) or from install directory (“make pkg-ambari REPO_URL=...”).

This is not necessarily the URL where traf_ambari is hosted, but rather where the apache-trafodion_server is hosted.

Hosting RPM Repo

Once you build the RPM packages, you need to copy them to a web server accessible location and then use createrepo command to set up the yum meta-data. (sudo yum install createrepo)

Source Files

The code for the ambari mpack is here in the install tree, but files that are distributed to each node are part of the trafodion server RPM, and are located in core/sqf/sysinstall

Trafodion Environment Variables

The trafodion user environment is set using ~trafodion/.bashrc, which sources in values set by the RPM installation, values set by the Ambari install, and values from the installed Trafodion software.

  • /etc/trafodion/trafodion_config - RPM sets the TRAF_HOME value, which is location of Trafodion installation.
  • /etc/trafodion/conf/ - user-specified values set by Ambari trafodion-node install step.
  • /etc/trafodion/conf/ - node list info set by Ambari trafodion-master install step.
  • /home/trafodion/.../ - various derived values.