This page describes the settings in the .traf_authentication_config file, which is the configuration file related to Enabling Security Features in Trafodion.

File Location

By default the Trafodion authentication configuration file is located at $TRAF_HOME/sql/scripts/.traf_authentication_config. If you want to store the configuration file in a different location and/or use a different filename, then Trafodion supports environment variables to specify the alternate location/name.

Trafodion firsts checks the environment variable TRAFAUTH_CONFIGFILE. If set, the value is used as the fully qualified Trafodion authentication configuration file.

If the environment variable is not set, then Trafodion next checks the variable TRAFAUTH_CONFIGDIR. If set, the value is prepended to .traf_authentication_config and used as the Trafodion authentication file.

If neither is set, Trafodion defaults to $TRAF_HOME/sql/scripts/.traf_authentication_config.


# To use authentication in Trafodion, this file must be configured
# as described below and placed in $TRAF_HOME/sql/scripts and be named
# .traf_authentication_config.  You must also enable authentication by
# running the script traf_authentication_setup in $TRAF_HOME/sql/scripts.
# NOTE: the format of this configuration file is expected to change in the 
# next release of Trafodion.  Backward compatibility is not guaranteed.
SECTION: Defaults
  DefaultSectionName: local
  RefreshTime: 1800
SECTION: local 
# If one or more of the LDAPHostName values is a load balancing host, list
# the name(s) here, one name: value pair for each host.

# One or more identically configured hosts must be specified here,  
# one name: value pair for each host.

# Default is port 389, change if using 636 or any other port

# Must specify one or more unique identifiers, one name: value pair for each

# If the configured LDAP server requires a username and password to 
# to perform name lookup, provide those here.  
# If configured LDAP server requires TLS(1) or SSL (2), update this value

# Default timeout values in seconds
  LDAPNetworkTimeout: 30 
  LDAPTimeout: 30 
  LDAPTimeLimit: 30
# Default values for retry logic algorithm
  RetryCount: 5 
  RetryDelay: 2 
  PreserveConnection: No
  ExcludeBadHosts: Yes  
  MaxExcludeListSize: 3

Configuration Attributes

Attribute NamePurposeExample ValueNotes
LDAPHostNameHost name of the local LDAP server.ldap.master.comIf more than one LDAPHostName entry is provided, Trafodion will attempt to connect with each LDAP server before returning an authentication error. Also see the description related to RetryCount and RetryDelay entries.
LDAPPortPort number of the local LDAP server.345Must be numeric value. Related to LDAPSSL entry. Standard port numbers for OpenLDAP are as follows: Non-secure: 389SSL: 636TLS: 389
LDAPSearchDNIf a search user is needed, the search user distinguished name is specified, dc=demo, dc=netIf anonymous search is allowed on the local server, this attribute does not need to be specified or can be specified with no value (blank). To date, anonymous search is the normal approach used.
LDAPSearchPWDPassword for the LDAPSearchDN value. See that entry for details.welcomeNone.
LDAPSSLA numeric value specifying whether the local LDAP server interface is unencrypted or TLS or SSL. Legal values are 0 for unencrypted, 1 for SSL, and 2 for TLS. For SSL/TLS, see the section below on Encryption Support.0None.
UniqueIdentifierThe directory attribute that contains the user's unique identifier.**```uid=,ou=Users,dc=demo,
dc=net```**To account for the multiple forms of DN supported by a given LDAP server, specify the UniqueIdentifier parameter multiple times with different values. During a search, each UniqueIdentifier is tried in the order it is listed in the configuration file.
LDAPNetworkTimeoutSpecifies the timeout (in seconds) after which the next LDAPHostName entry will be tried, in case of no response for a connection request. This parameter is similar to NETWORK_TIMEOUT in ldap_conf(5). Default value is 30 seconds.20The value must be a positive number or -1. Setting this to -1 results in an infinite timeout.
LDAPTimelimitSpecifies the time to wait when performing a search on the LDAP server for the user name. The number must be a positive integer. This parameter is similar to TIMELIMIT in ldap_conf(5). Default value is 30 seconds.15The server may still apply a lower server-side limit on the duration of a search operation.
LDAPTimeoutSpecifies a timeout (in seconds) after which calls to synchronous LDAP APIs will abort if no response is received. This parameter is similar to TIMEOUT in ldap_conf(5). Default value is 30 seconds.15The value must be a positive number or -1. Setting this to -1 results in an infinite timeout.
RetryCountNumber of attempts to establish a successful LDAP connection. Default is 5 retries before returning an error.10When a failed operation is retried, it will be attempted with each configured LDAP server, until the operation is successful or the number of configured retries is exceeded.
RetryDelaySpecifies the number of seconds to delay between retries. Default value is 2 seconds. See description of RetryCount.1None.
PreserveConnectionSpecifies whether the connection to LDAP server will be maintained (YES) or closed (NO) once the operation finishes. Default value is NO.YESNone.
RefreshTimeSpecifies the number of seconds that must have elapsed before the configuration file is reread. Default is 1800 (30 minutes).3600If set to zero, the configuration file is never read. The connectivity servers must be restarted for changes to take effect if this value is zero. This attribute is not specific to either configuration and must be defined in the DEFAULTS section.
TLS_CACERTFilenameSpecifies the location of the certificate file for the LDAP server(s). Filename can either be fully qualified or relative to $CACERTS_DIR.cert.pemThis attribute applies to both configurations. If a configuration does not require a certificate, this attribute is ignored. This attribute must be defined in the DEFAULTS section.
DefaultSectionNameSpecifies the configuration type that will be assigned to a user by the REGISTER USER command if no authentication type is specified. In the initial Trafodion release, only one configuration is supported.LOCALThis attribute must be defined in the DEFAULTS section. If the DefaultSectionName attribute is specified, a section by that name (or equivalent) must be defined in .traf_ldapconfig. Legal values are LOCAL and ENTERPRISE. This syntax is likely to change.

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