This is the source-only release of the Apache Trafodion (incubating) project. This release provides support for HBase 0.98 and many new product features.

Build instructions are available here.

Supported Platforms

The following platforms are supported in this release.


This release contains the following new features.


This release contains fixes to 140 defects. Those defects were filed through Launchpad.

Known Issues

Getting TM error 97 when tables split or get moved

Defect: 1274651

Symptom: HBase Region Splits, Load Balancing, and Error 97.

Cause: As part of an HBase environment’s ongoing operations (and based on the policies configured for the HBase environment), an HBase region can either get split (into two daughter regions) or moved to a different region server. (Please see the blog: If that happens when a Trafodion transaction is active (and operates on rows within the region that is being split or load-balanced), then a subsequent transaction commit operation by the application might encounter an error 97. Please note that under such conditions the Trafodion Transaction Manager will abort the transaction and will preserve the integrity of the database.

Solution: To minimize disruptions when this happens, we suggest that you use one or more of the following approaches: