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Apache Trafodion Python Installer


  • CDH/HDP is installed on Trafodion nodes with web UI enabled, or Apache Hadoop, HBase is installed on the same directory on all nodes
  • /etc/hosts contains hostname info for all Trafodion nodes on installer node
  • python version 2.6/2.7, and python library httplib2, prettytable
  • Trafodion server package file is stored on installer node
  • Passwordless SSH login, one of these two options is needed:
  • Set SSH key pairs against installer node and Trafodion nodes
  • Install sshpass tool on installer node, then input the SSH password during installation using --enable-pwd option

installer node can be any nodes as long as it can ssh to Trafodion nodes, it also can be one of the Trafodion nodes

How to use:

  • Two ways:
  • Simply invoke ./ to start the installation in guided mode
  • Copy configs/db_config_default.ini file to your_db_config and modify it, then invoke ./ --config-file your_db_config to start installation in config mode
  • For a quick install with default settings, you only need to put Trafodion package file in installer‘s directory, provide CDH/HDP web URL in your_db_config file and then it’s ready to go!
  • Use ./ --help for more options
  • Invoke ./ to get the system basic info on all nodes