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== Latest Vaadin Platform - Simple WebApp in Java
This demo will show how to start with a simple Vaadin Flow webapp, based
on pure Java API running on TomEE (webprofile). The current Vaadin Flow
version, that is used in this demo is the latest one. If you are looking
for LTS versions, have a look at the Vaadin Examples in this repository
with the prefix LTS.
The Vaadin Platform is OpenSource and available at[Github]
=== Build this example
To build this example, just run _mvn clean install tomee:run_ You will
find the app running under http://localhost:8080/
=== Implementation
This implementation is using the[Flow API] from
the Vaadin Platform.
public class HelloVaadinV10 extends Composite<Div> {
public HelloVaadinV10() {
final VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout();
.add(new Button("click me",
event -> layout.add(new Label("clicked again"))
//set the main Component
The documentation of the current Vaadin Platform is available[here]
=== Support Informations
As of Vaadin 10, Vaadin is moving to a release train model with four
major releases every year. This allows them to ship new features faster
to developers. Vaadin is continuing their commitment to long-term
stability with long-term support (LTS) releases. The LTS releases will
come out approximately every two years and offer 5 years of support.