Apache TomEE

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Title: Buildling Instructions

Basic Usage

Apache TomEE is built with Apache Maven.

Simply use

$> mvn clean install

on your commandline to kick off the compile process of TomEE

If you intend building in environments where multicast is not allowed then build with:

$> mvn clean install -DskipMulticastTests=true

Full build can be executed with (will execute arquillian test on all TomEE distributions)

$> mvn clean install -Pall-adapters

Quick Build

If you only like to compile all classes and package up TomEE without running tests then you can use the following build options

mvn -Pquick -Dsurefire.useFile=false -DdisableXmlReport=true -DuniqueVersion=false -ff -Dassemble -DskipTests -DfailIfNoTests=false clean install

Direct builds

To build TomEE just execute:

$> mvn clean install -pl tomee/apache-tomee -am -Dmaven.test.skip=true

TomEE zip/tar.gz will be in tomee/apache-tomee/target

To build TomEE Embedded to be able to develop with its maven plugin execute:

$> mvn clean install -pl maven/tomee-embedded-maven-plugin -am -Dmaven.test.skip=true