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= Configuration
:jbake-date: 2016-03-16
:jbake-type: page
:jbake-status: published
=== Container
TomEE specific configuration (ie not inherited one from Tomcat) is based on properties. Therefore
you can fully configure TomEE using properties in `conf/`.
However for convenience it also provides a hybrid XML alternative a.k.a. `conf/tomee.xml`.
- link:server.html[Server Configuration: Properties].
- link:resources.html[Resources]
- link:containers.html[Containers]
=== Application
Some settings can be specific to applications, these ones are also properties based and
are read in `WEB-INF/`. When you can't use `tomee.xml` to configure
resources you can use `WEB-INF/resources.xml` which inherit from `tomee.xml` its syntax
but binds the resources to the application and reuses the application classloader.
More about link:application.html[Container Configuration].