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= TomEE Maven Plugin
:jbake-date: 2016-03-16
:jbake-type: page
:jbake-status: published
TomEE Maven Plugin is a set of goals for the development and to prepare to go in production:
- `tomee:build`
- `tomee:exec`
- `tomee:configtest`
- `tomee:debug`
- `tomee:deploy`
- `tomee:exec`
- `tomee:list`
- `tomee:run`
- `tomee:start`
- `tomee:stop`
- `tomee:undeploy`
=== Run
The most commonly used goal, it allows to start a tomee with applications. Here is its configuration:
|synchronization|-|a synchronization (see after the table)
|synchronizations|-|list of synchronizations
|reloadOnUpdate|-|should the application be redeployed when a synchronization is triggered
|skipCurrentProject|false|should current project not be considered as a deployable even if its packaging is compatible (war typically)
|tomeeVersion|auto, plugin one|which version of TomEE to use
|tomeeGroupId|org.apache.tomee|TomEE artifact groupId
|tomeeArtifactId|apache-tomee|TomEE artifact artifactId
|tomeeType|zip| the type of the TomEE artifact , only zip supported at the moment
|tomeeClassifier|webprofile|which flavor of TomEE to use (classifier)
|tomeeShutdownPort|read from server.xml|the shutdown port
|tomeeShutdownAttempts|60|how many times to wait for startup/shutdown (waits 1s in between)
|tomeeShutdownCommand|SHUTDOWN|the shutdown command
|tomeeAjpPort|read from the pom|the AJP port if needed
|tomeeHttpsPort|read from the pom|the HTTPS port if needed
|args|-|command line arguments (system properties, javaagent, JVM options ...)
|debug|-|start and wait for a remote debugger to connect
|debugPort|5005|used when debug to change the default port
|simpleLog|false|use one line logs
|extractWars|false|explode wars before starting
|stripWarVersion|true|remove the version from the war name
|stripVersion|false|remove the version from the artifact name whatever it is (even jar)
|webappResources|${project.basedir}/src/main/webapp|where web resources are
|webappClasses and classes|${}|where artifact binaries are
|catalinaBase|${}/apache-tomee|where to create the tomee instance
|context|-|name of the current artifact (rename the war from the maven name to this one)
|webappDir|webapps|path to webapps folder from tomee.base
|appDir|apps|path to apps folder from tomee.base
|libDir|lib|where is lib folder
|mainDir|${project.basedir}/src/main|used in openejb mode to change default config of conf/lib/bin folders to openejb instead of tomee
|config|${project.basedir}/src/main/tomee/conf|a conf folder synchronized with TomEE one
|bin|${project.basedir}/src/main/tomee/bin|a bin folder synchronized with TomEE one
|lib|${project.basedir}/src/main/tomee/lib|a lib folder synchronized with TomEE one
|systemVariables|-|a map of system properties
|classpaths|-|a list of additional entries for the startup classpath
|customizers|-|a list of customizers
|jsCustomizers|-|a list of js customizers (js scripts)
|groovyCustomizers|-|a list of groovy customizers (groovy scripts)
|webappDefaultConfig|false|auto config war oriented
|quickSession|true|session generation will use `Random` instead of `SecureRandom` (for dev)
|forceReloadable|false|ensure TomEE supports reloading/redeployment
|forceJspDevelopment|true|JSP will be auto-recompiled on changes
|libs|-|dependencies to add in lib, see after this table for advanced usage
|endorsedLibs|-|dependencies to add in endorsed, see after this table for advanced usage
|javaagents|-|javaagents to add on the JVM, supports maven coordinates
|persistJavaagents|false|should javaagent be saved or just use for this plugin run
|webapps|-|additional applicatinos to deploy
|warFile|${}/${}.${project.packaging}|the war to deploy
|workWarFile|${}/${}"|the exploded war to deploy
|removeDefaultWebapps|true| should default webapps (ROOT, docs, ...) be deleted
|deployOpenEjbApplication|false|should openejb internal application be deployed
|removeTomeeWebapp|true|should tomee webapp (with EJBd adapter) be deployed
|tomeeAlreadyInstalled|false|skip all the setup configuration
|ejbRemote|true|should EJBd be activated
|checkStarted|false|should the plugin check the server is up (useful when used with `pre-integration` phase
|useConsole|true|wait for the end of the execution reading inputs from the console (like `quit` command)
|useOpenEJB|false|use openejb-standalone instead of tomee
|inlinedServerXml|-|a server.xml content in pom.xml directly
|inlinedTomEEXml|-|a tomee.xml content in pom.xml directly
|overrideOnUnzip|true|if when unzipping tomee a file is already there should it be overriden
|skipRootFolderOnUnzip|true|ignore root folder of the zip
|keystore|-|path to keystore for HTTPS connector
Synchronization are blocks defining a source and target folder and both are synchronized. It typically copy
`src/main/webapp` resources in `target/apache-tomee/webapps/myapp/`.
==== Customizers
Customizers are java classes loadable by the plugin and with a main or implementing `Runnable` and taking optionally
as constructor parameter a `File` representing `tomee.base` or no arguments.
They are executed when creating the TomEE instance.
There are two scripting flavors of that: js and groovy. Both will have some contextual variables:
- catalinaBase: tomee base path
- resolver: a maven resolver to get a dependency using maven. For instance: `resolver.resolve('group', 'artfact', 'version', 'type')`
==== Dependencies (libs)
The format can be:
- a maven dependency:
- a zip dependency and extracted in lib folder:
- a matching prefix to remove:
==== Example
=== Build
Excepted synchronization, build plugin inherit from `run` Mojo its configuration. It just adds the following:
|formats|-|map of configuration, keys are format (zip, tar.gz) and value the target location
|zip|true|create a zip from the configured instance
|attach|true|attach created artifacts
|skipArchiveRootFolder|false|don't add a root folder in the zip
=== Tomcat like goals
`configtest`, `start` and `stop` just execute these commands on the server (like on ``).