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<title>Apache Tomcat @VERSION@</title>
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<h1 style="font-size: 1.3em;">Apache Tomcat @VERSION@</h1>
<p>Useful references:</p>
<li><a href="RELEASE-NOTES">Release notes</a>, with important information
about known issues</li>
<li><a href="">Changelog</a></li>
<p><b>NOTE: The tar files in this distribution use GNU tar extensions,
and must be untarred with a GNU compatible version of tar. The version
of <code>tar</code> on Solaris and Mac OS X will not work with
these files.</b></p>
<p style="color: red;">Tomcat @VERSION_MAJOR_MINOR@ requires Java SE 7 or later. Read the
RELEASE-NOTES and the RUNNING.txt file in the distribution for more details.
<h2 style="font-size: 1.1em;">Packaging Details (or "What Should I Download?")</h2>
<dt>apache-tomcat-[version].zip or .tar.gz</dt>
<dd>Base distribution. These distributions do not include the Windows
service wrapper nor the compiled APR/native library for Windows.</dd>
<dd>32-bit/64-bit Windows installer for Tomcat. &#xa0; Please note that while this
distribution includes the vast majority of the base distribution, some of the
command-line scripts for launching Tomcat are not included. This distribution
is intended for those users planning to launch Tomcat through the Windows
shortcuts or services.</dd>
<dd>32-bit Windows specific distribution that includes the Windows service
wrapper and the compiled APR/native library for use with 32-bit JVMs on both
32 and 64 bit Windows platforms.</dd>
<dd>64-bit Windows specific distribution that includes the Windows service
wrapper and the compiled APR/native library for use with 64-bit JVMs on
x64 Windows platforms.</dd>
<dt>apache-tomcat-[version] or .tar.gz</dt>
<dd>The standalone
<a href="">
Tomcat Web Application Deployer</a>.</dd>
<dd>The Tomcat documentation bundle, including complete javadocs.</dd>
<dt>tomcat-juli-adapters.jar &amp; tomcat-juli.jar</dt>
<dd>Full commons-logging implementation. See the <a
logging documentation</a> for more information.</dd>
<dd>Web Services support (JSR 109). See the <a
extras documentation</a> for more information.</dd>
<dd>JMX Remote Lifecycle Listener. See the <a
listeners documentation</a> for details.</dd>
<dt>apache-tomcat-[version].zip or .tar.gz</dt>
<dd>The source code. See
<a href="">building instructions</a>.</dd>
<p>Thank you for using <a href="">Tomcat</a>!.
<p><b>The Apache Tomcat Project</b> <br /><a