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Build Apache Tomcat Maven Plugin
To build this project you must Apache Maven at least 2.2.1 .
mvn clean install will install the mojos without running integration tests.
As there are some hardcoded integration tests with http port 1973, ajp 2001 and 2008, you could have some port allocation issues (if you don't know why those values ask olamy :-) )
mvn clean install -Prun-its will run integration tests too: to override the default used http port you can use -Dits.http.port= -Dits.ajp.port=
Snapshots deployment
To deploy a snaphot version to, you must run : mvn clean deploy .
Note you need some configuration in ~/.m2/settings.xml:
<username>your asf id</username>
<password>your asf paswword</password>
NOTE: a Jenkins job deploys SNAPSHOT automatically
So no real need to deploy manually, just commit and Jenkins will do the job for you.
Site deployment
Checkstyle: this project uses the Apache Maven checkstyle configuration for ide codestyle files see .
Site: to test site generation, just run: mvn site. If you want more reporting (javadoc, pmd, checkstyle, jxr, changelog from jira entries), use: mvn site -Preporting.
To deploy site, use: mvn clean site-deploy scm-publish:publish-scm -Dusername=$svnuid -Dpassword=$svnpwd -Preporting . The site will be deployed to$svnuid is your asf id, $svnpwd is your asf password)
When releasing deploy with -Psite-release
For release your ~/.m2/settings.xml must contains :
<username>asf id</username>
<password>asf password</password>
And run: mvn release:prepare release:perform -Dusername= -Dpassword= (username/password are your Apache svn authz)
Test staged Tomcat artifacts
To test staging artifacts for a vote process.
* activate a profile: tc-staging
* pass staging repository as parameter: -DtcStagedReleaseUrl=
* pass tomcat version as parameter: -Dtomcat7Version=
Sample for tomcat8 artifacts: mvn clean install -Prun-its -Ptc-staging -DtcStagedReleaseUrl=stagingrepositoryurl -Dtomcat8Version=8.x
Sample for tomcat7 artifacts: mvn clean install -Prun-its -Ptc-staging -DtcStagedReleaseUrl=stagingrepositoryurl -Dtomcat7Version=7.x