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<section name="Apache Request microframework project">
<p>Tiles has served the purpose of rendering views for the Model-View-Controller pattern in JavaEE for years.</p>
<p>Tiles-3 introduces a complete standalone and super simple abstraction around request/response objects.
<p>We've all seen that the various technologies like Servlet, Portlet, JSP, Velocity, FreeMarker seem to have a different abstraction of a common pattern.
They all have a concept of:</p>
<li>request: the client request, or some sort of it;</li>
<li>response: the response to send to the client, or to the caller, with a writer/output stream to write into;</li>
<li>attributes: usually maps (or map-like structures) with string keys and object values;</li>
<li>scope: places where different attribute maps are stored (request, session, etc.)</li>
<p>Now all of these scopes are concentrated into "Request" interfaces, that acts as a single point of reference for the developer.
In theory, everything you need for rendering a view can be obtained by an object that implements Request, and Request implementations can be built that do not rely on an application server environment.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Currently there are bindings for Servlet, Portlet, JSP, Mustache, Velocity and FreeMarker.</p></p>