Typical usage

thrift.exe --audit <oldFile> <newFile>

Example run

> thrift.exe --audit test.thrift break1.thrift
[Thrift Audit Failure:break1.thrift] New Thrift File has missing function base_function3
[Thrift Audit Warning:break1.thrift] Constant const3 has different value

Problems that the audit tool can catch


  • Removing an enum value
  • Changing the type of a struct field
  • Changing the required-ness of a struct field
  • Removing a struct field
  • Adding a required struct field
  • Adding a struct field ‘in the middle’. This usually indicates an old ID has been recycled
  • Struct removed
  • Oneway-ness change
  • Return type change
  • Missing function
  • Missing service
  • Change in service inheritance


  • Removing a language namespace declaration
  • Changing a namespace
  • Changing an enum value's name
  • Removing an enum class
  • Default value changed
  • Struct field name change
  • Removed constant
  • Type of constant changed
  • Value of constant changed