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  1. Tests/
  2. Thrift/
  5. Thrift.sln
  6. build.cmd
  8. runtests.cmd

Apache Thrift netcore

Thrift client library ported to Microsoft .Net Core


  • Tests/Thrift.PublicInterfaces.Compile.Tests - project for checking public interfaces during adding changes to Thrift library
  • Thrift - Thrift library

Reused components

  • .NET Standard 1.6 (SDK 2.0.0)

How to build on Windows

  • Get Thrift IDL compiler executable, add to some folder and add path to this folder into PATH variable
  • Open the Thrift.sln project with Visual Studio and build. or
  • Build with scripts

How to build on Unix

  • Ensure you have .NET Core 2.0.0 SDK installed or use the Ubuntu Xenial docker image
  • Follow common build practice for Thrift: bootstrap, configure, and make

Known issues

  • In trace logging mode you can see some not important internal exceptions