Process used by committers to review and submit patches

  1. Make sure that there is an issue for the patch(s) you are about to commit in our Jira issue tracker

  2. Check out the latest version of the source code

  1. Apply the patch


  1. Inspect the applied patch to ensure that all Legal aspects on Submission of Contributions (Patches) are met

  2. Run the necessary unit tests and cross language test cases to verify the patch

  3. Commit the patch

     git --config "Your Name"
     git --config ""
     git add -A
     git commit
  4. The commit message should be in the format:

    THRIFT-###:<Jira description>
    Client: <component>
    Patch: <Name of person contributing the patch>
    Description of what was fixed or addressed.
        if this is a github pull request then add below comment
         to automaticaly close GitHub request.
    This closes #XX
  5. Double check the patch committed and that nothing was missed then push the patch

    git status
    git show HEAD
    git push origin master
  6. Resolve the jira issue and set the following for the changelog

  • Component the patch is for
  • fixVersion to the current version on master