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Project FB303: The Facebook Bassline

  • Curious about the 303? *

  • Why the name? * The TB303 makes bass lines. .Bass is what lies underneath any strong tune. ..fb303 is the shared root of all thrift services. ...fb303 => FacebookBase303.

  • How do I use this? * Take a look at the examples to see how your backend project can and should inherit from this service.

  • What does it provide? * A standard interface to monitoring, dynamic options and configuration, uptime reports, activity, etc.

  • I want more. * Think carefully first about whether the functionality you are going to add belongs here or in your application. If it can be abstracted and is generally useful, then it probably belongs somewhere in the fb303 tree. Keep in mind, not every product has to use ALL the functionality of fb303, but every product CANNOT use functionality that is NOT in fb303.

  • Is this open source? * Yes. fb303 is distributed under the Thrift Software License. See the LICENSE file for more details.

  • Installation * fb303 is configured/built/installed similar to Thrift. See the README in the Thrift root directory for more information.

  • Who wrote this README? *