title: “Developers”


Anyone interested in contributing to Apache Thrift should read the How to Contribute guide prior to submitting any patches to [Jira]({{ site.jira_url }}). There's also a short guide on how to add new language bindings. If you have any questions about this please contact us.

Issue Tracking

Apache Thrift tracks both bugs and enhancements using [Jira]({{ site.jira_url }}). Before filing new requests, we ask that you first do the following:

  • Search the [Jira]({{ site.jira_url }}) database
  • Check the user mailing list via searching the archives or asking a question

Source Control

The Apache Thrift source code resides in GitHub. Three types of access are available:

  • Web-Access (read-only)

Source code can be browsed via the Web:


General instructions for committer access is here. It is a little stale (especially the netrc file information).

git clone git@github.com:apache/thrift.git