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Apache Thrift is a software project spanning a variety of programming languages and use cases. Our goal is to make reliable, performant communication and data serialization across languages as efficient and seamless as possible. Originally developed at Facebook, Thrift was open sourced in April 2007 and entered the Apache Incubator in May, 2008. Thrift became an Apache TLP in October, 2010.

Apache Thrift aims to embody the following values:

  • Simplicity Thrift code is simple and approachable, free of unnecessary dependencies.

  • Transparency Thrift conforms to the most common idioms in all languages.

  • Consistency Niche, language-specific features belong in extensions, not the core library.

  • Performance Strive for performance first, elegance second.

Project Team



  • Doug Cutting


  • Paul Querna
  • Upayavira
  • Jason van Zyl

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The following companies are known to employ Apache Thrift in their production services.

Open source projects using Apache Thrift

Apache Thrift is widely used in lots of other Open Source projects. These are some of them, but the list is by no means exhaustive.

Other Apache projects using Apache Thrift

There's also plenty of other Apache projects who are using and/or supporting Thrift in some way or another.