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The Tez UI is an ember based web-app that provides visualization of Tez applications running on the Apache Hadoop YARN framework.

For more information on Tez and the Tez UI - Check the Tez homepage.


In tez-site.xml

  • : Should be enabled to get the configuration options in. If enabled, the config options are set as userpayload per input/output.

In yarn-site.xml

  • yarn.timeline-service.http-cross-origin.enabled : Enable CORS in timeline.
  • yarn.resourcemanager.system-metrics-publisher.enabled : Enable generic history service in timeline server
  • yarn.timeline-service.enabled : Enabled the timeline server for logging details
  • yarn.timeline-service.webapp.address : Value must be the IP:PORT on which timeline server is running

In configs.env

This environment configuration file can be found at ./src/main/webapp/config/configs.env

  • ENV.hosts.timeline : Timeline Server Address. By default TEZ UI looks for timeline server at http://localhost:8188.
  • ENV.hosts.rm : Resource Manager Address. By default RM REST APIs are expected to be at http://localhost:8088.
  • ENV.hosts.rmProxy : This is options. Value configured as RM host will be taken as proxy address by default. Use this configuration when RM web proxy is configured at a different address than RM.
  • ENV.timeZone : Time Zone in which dates are displayed in the UI. If not set, local time zone will be used. Refer for valid entries.

Package & deploy

Get war package

  • Tez UI is distributed as a war package.
  • To build & package UI without running test cases, run mvn clean package -DskipTests in this directory.
  • This would give you a war file in ./target.
  • UI build is part of tez build, refer BUILDING.txt for more info.

Using UI war


Use webfront tomcat manager to upload & deploy your war remotely.


The war can be added to any tomcat instance.

  1. Remove any old deployments in $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
  2. Copy the war to $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
  3. Restart tomcat and the war will get deployed. The content of the war would be available in $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/tez-ui-[version] directory.


All the following commands must be run inside src/main/webapp.


You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.

  • Install Yarn v0.21.3
  • Install Bower v1.7.7
  • Install all dependencies by running yarn install & bower install

Running UI

Running Tests

  • yarn test


  • yarn run build (production)
  • Files would be stored in “dist/”

Adding new dependencies

Warning: Do not edit the package.json or bower.json files manually. This could make them out-of-sync with the respective lock or shrinkwrap files.

Tez UI has replaced NPM with Yarn package manager. And hence Yarn would be used to manage dependencies defined in package.json.

  • Please use the Yarn and Bower command-line tools to add new dependencies. And the tool version must be same as those defined in Prerequisites section.
  • Once any dependency is added:
    • If it's in package.json. Make sure that the respective, and only those changes are reflected in yarn.lock file.
    • If it's in bower.json. Make sure that the respective, and only those changes are reflected in bower-shrinkwrap.json file.
  • Commands to add using CLI tools:
    • Yarn: yarn add [package-name]
    • Bower: bower install --save [package-name]

Adding new routes (pages), controllers, components etc.

  • Use ember-cli blueprint generator - Ember CLI