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<title>Apache Tcl Presentations</title>
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Tcl presentations on line. These presentations are made
with HTML, style sheets, and mod_dtcl. This means they
are very portable (although a modern browser that
handles style sheets is necessary), and you can use them
from a networked computer, with just a browser!
The presentations are released under the Apache Software
License, which means you need to give credit if you use
these - but please feel free to take them, modify,
redistribute, or otherwise do as you wish.
<li>Tcl Presentation: <a href="tcl/">(live)</a><br>
Presentation on the Tcl programming language and the Tk toolkit.
Apache Tcl Presentation: <a
The present and future of Apache Tcl, and why Tcl is
such a logical fit for doing web content.
<li>Rivet Presentation: <a href="rivet">(live)</a><br>
About Rivet, the successor to mod_dtcl and NeoWebScript.
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