Apache Tcl Rivet

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Rivet Logo Apache Rivet

Apache Rivet is a powerful, flexible, consistent, fast, and robust solution to creating web applications with the help of the Tcl language and Apache HTTP Server.

See the doc/html/installation.html directory for installation and usage instructions.

See INSTALL for brief installation instructions - although the above docs in HTML are more thorough and extensive.

See LICENSE for licensing terms.

Current Travis/AppVeyor CI build status for Rivet:

| OS | Master Branch | Release Branch | Branch ‘winbuild’ | ---|---|---|-- | Linux 64, Apache 2.4.37, Tcl/Tk 8.6 | | | | | Windows 64, Apache 2.4.37, Tcl/Tk 8.6.7 | Build status
fork: Build status | | Build status
fork: Build status | | macOS 64 (Darwin), Apache 2.4.37, Tcl/Tk 8.5 | | | |


  • Rivet is reported to conflict with cgi scripts on some Linux machines. Symptom of the problem is when cgi scripts hang forever and don't send contents to the client


  • With the intruduction of the ::rivet namespace the command set has been moved into it and each command should now be fully qualified. Building rivet you can choose in case to place the commands on the export list or even automatically import them into the global namespace. This is a deprecated option though unless you have a compatibility issue with existing legacy Rivet based code.