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<title>README - External Distributions</title>
<h1>External Distributions</h1>
This directory contains external distributions that can no longer be included with Tapestry due to
licensing conflicts. It starts empty, and the necessary files are downloaded automatically by the Ant
build scripts.
You will need to update <code>config/</code> to tell Ant where
to put temporary files. The <b>base.path</b> entry should be the absolute path name. The directory will be created automatically.
If you are operating behind a firewall, you will need to set three additional properties:
<li><b>proxy.use</b> should be set to 'on'
<li><b></b> should be set the name of your local download proxy
<li><b>proxy.port</b> should be set to the port for your local download proxy
Also, don't forget to update <code>config/</code> to point at
your Jetty or Tomcat installation (to run the <a href="http://localhost:8080/workbench/app">Workbench</a>),
or at your JBoss installation (to run the <a href="http://localhost/vlib/app">Virtual Library</a>).