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19 June 2000
Changes from DocBook V3.1 to DocBook XML V4.1:
- Broad changes required for XML compatibility
- Added a *provisional* set of character entities based on the ISO
entity sets. The DocBook TC is not willing to accept the long-term
responsibility for defining and maintaining these sets. The TC
will ask OASIS to form a new TC for this purpose.
- RFE 17: Added a common attribute 'Condition' for generic effectivity
- RFE 38: The nav.class elements (ToC|LoT|Index|Glossary|Bibliography) are
now allowed at the beginning and end of components and sections
- RFE 58: The 'optmult' and 'reqmult' attribute values have been
removed from Group
- RFE 65: Added several class attribute values to Filename and SystemItem
at the request of the Linux community
- RFE 73: Removed BookBiblio and SeriesInfo
- RFE 81: Added SidebarInfo to Sidebar
- RFE 87: Added 'xmlpi' and 'emptytag' as class values of SGMLTag
- RFE 92: Added 'CO' to Synopsis and LiteralLayout
- RFE 99: Added SimpleMsgEntry as an alternative to MsgEntry in order
to provide a simpler MsgSet construct
- RFE 103: Added RevDescription as an alternative to RevRemark in
RevHistory; this allows longer descriptive text in a revision
- RFE 104: Added 'Specification' to the list of document classes on Article
- RFE 108: Allow admonitions in Answers
- RFE 110: Allow a RevHistory on QandAEntry
- RFE 115: Allow optional Title on OrderedList and ItemizedList
- RFE 116: Added LineNumbering attribute to linespecific environments for
presentation of line numbers
- Added a common attribute 'Security' for effectivity
- Added synopsis markup for modern programming languages (e.g, object
oriented languages like Java, C++, and IDL)
- Renamed DocInfo to PrefaceInfo, ChapterInfo, AppendixInfo, etc.
- Comment was renamed Remark
- InterfaceDefinition was removed
- RFE 88: Added PEs to include/ignore dbnotn.mod and dbcent.mod
- RFE 102: Fixed some outstanding namecase problems
- RFE 105: Added PNG notation
- RFE 106: Removed some odd *.content PEs that interfered with
customization layers
- RFE 109: Added FPI to content of dbgenent.mod (for consistency)
- RFE 111: Added the Euro symbol
- Fixed bug in cals-tbl.dtd; a model group was used for the element
declaration, but the attlist declaration used "Table" literally.