The Apache Superset team is pleased to announce that Superset
1.2.0 has just been released.

Apache Superset is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application.
Superset 1.2 continues the Apache ECharts migration by introducing several chart types. It also brings with it tons of user experience improvements, API improvements, bug fixes, and continued development of experimental features included in previous releases. Keep reading for more details on these categories:

- The official source release:
- The PyPI package:
- Release notes:

If you have any usage questions, or have problems when upgrading or
find any problems about enhancements included in this release, please
don't hesitate to let us know by sending feedback to this mailing

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A modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application.

Why Superset? | Supported Databases | Installation and Configuration | Release Notes | Get Involved | Contributor Guide | Resources | Organizations Using Superset

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Choose from a wide array of visualizations

Why Superset?

Superset provides:

  • An intuitive interface for visualizing datasets and crafting interactive dashboards
  • A wide array of beautiful visualizations to showcase your data
  • Code-free visualization builder to extract and present datasets
  • A world-class SQL IDE for preparing data for visualization, including a rich metadata browser
  • A lightweight semantic layer which empowers data analysts to quickly define custom dimensions and metrics
  • Out-of-the-box support for most SQL-speaking databases
  • Seamless, in-memory asynchronous caching and queries
  • An extensible security model that allows configuration of very intricate rules on who can access which product features and datasets.
  • Integration with major authentication backends (database, OpenID, LDAP, OAuth, REMOTE_USER, etc)
  • The ability to add custom visualization plugins
  • An API for programmatic customization
  • A cloud-native architecture designed from the ground up for scale

Supported Databases

Superset can query data from any SQL-speaking datastore or data engine (e.g. Presto or Athena) that has a Python DB-API driver and a SQLAlchemy dialect.

Here are some of the major database solutions that are supported:

A more comprehensive list of supported databases along with the configuration instructions can be found here.

Want to add support for your datastore or data engine? Read more here about the technical requirements.

Installation and Configuration

Extended documentation for Superset

Get Involved

Contributor Guide

Interested in contributing? Check out our to find resources around contributing along with a detailed guide on how to set up a development environment.