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Here's the source to the documentation hosted at

The site runs on the Gatsby framework and uses docz for it's Documentation subsection.

Getting Started

cd docs/
npm install
npm run start
# navigate to localhost:8000`

To Publish

To publish, the static site that Gatsby generates needs to be pushed to the asf-site branch on the apache/superset-site repository. No need to PR here, simply git push.

# Get in the docs/ folder in the main repo
cd ~/repos/superset/docs
# have Gatsby build the static website, this puts in under `docs/public`
npm run build

# go to the docs repo
cd ~/repos/superset-site
# checkout the proper branch
git checkout asf-site

# wipe the content of the repo
rm -rf *

# copy the static site here
cp -r ~/repos/superset/docs/public/ ./

# git push
git add .
git commit -m "relevant commit msg"
git push origin asf-site

# SUCCESS - it should take minutes to take effect on