List of TODO items for Superset


  • Getting proper JS testing: unit tests on the Python side are pretty solid, but now we need a test suite for the JS part of the site, testing all the ajax-type calls
  • Viz Plugins: Allow people to define and share visualization plugins. ideally one would only need to drop in a set of files in a folder and Superset would discover and expose the plugins


  • Dashboard URL filters: {dash_url}#fltin__fieldname__value1,value2
  • Default slice: choose a default slice for the dataset instead of default endpoint
  • Widget sets / chart grids: a way to have all charts support making a series of charts and putting them in a grid. The same way that you can groupby for series, you could chart by. The form field set would be common and use a single field to “grid by”, a limit number of chart as an N * N grid size.
  • Advanced dashboard configuration: currently you can define which slices in a dashboard are immune to filtering.
  • Annotations layers: allow for people to maintain data annotations, attached to a layer and time range. These layers can be added on top of some visualizations as annotations. An example of a layer might be “holidays” or “site outages”, ...
  • Slack integration - TBD
  • Comments: allow for people to comment on slices and dashes

Easy-ish fix

  • Build matrix to include mysql using tox
  • CREATE VIEW button from SQL editor
  • Test button for when editing SQL expression
  • Slider form element
  • [druid] Allow for post aggregations (ratios!)
  • in/notin filters autocomplete (druid)

New viz

  • Maps that use geocodes
  • Time animated scatter plots
  • Horizon charts
  • Calendar heatmap
  • Chord diagram
  • ...


  • Turorial vids