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Apache Struts Website

This project is used to update the main Apache Struts website
See the update website documentation on how to push changes online. However as ASF is using aggressive caching, for a while one still may need to forcely reload the page (CMD+R or Shift+F5) after changes.

Site is generated by Jekyll and uses pure html either markdown format. To test website locally you can use the below command:

bundle exec jekyll serve -w --trace --host

or you can use Docker (please install it first) with one of the provided scripts:


when running fish-shell, or:


when running Bash or Sh.

The continuously generated website can then be accessed at http://localhost:4000

All pages are generated into the content folder.

There are two scripts used to build the image but this should be used only when Dockerfile was modified.

Some redirect rules are configured in source/.htaccess file.