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Apache StreamPipes Website + Docs


This repository includes the website and documentation of Apache StreamPipes on Two different technologies are used to create both sites:

  • The website uses harp.js to create static pages from ejs files.
  • The documentation uses Docusaurus to create a versioned documentation.

Both parts are merged to a single directory during the CI process.

Node.js and npm are required to build both sites.

Build & run website

  • Run npm install from the root directory of this repository.
  • Run npm run start-website to start the website locally for debugging purposes. The content will be served on port 9000.
  • Run npm run build-website to build the website. This will create a folder build that contains the generated static HTML and asset files.

Build Documentation

  • Run npm install from the documentation/website directory.
  • Run npm run start to start the documentation for debugging purposes. The content will be served on http://localhost:3000/docs
  • Run npm run build to build the documentation This will create a folder build/streampipes-docs that includes all required static files.
  • Run npm run ds-version NEW_VERSION to release a new docs version.


  • First, build the website as explained above.
  • Then, build the documentation as explained above.
  • Copy the content from the generated documentation (content from streampipes-docs) to the build folder into a subdirectory named docs.