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;; Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
;; or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
;; distributed with this work for additional information
;; regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
;; to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
;; "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
;; with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
;; Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
;; distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
;; See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
;; limitations under the License.
(ns backtype.storm.daemon.executor
(:use [backtype.storm.daemon common])
(:use [backtype.storm bootstrap])
(:import [backtype.storm.hooks ITaskHook])
(:import [backtype.storm.tuple Tuple])
(:import [backtype.storm.spout ISpoutWaitStrategy])
(:import [ SpoutAckInfo SpoutFailInfo
EmitInfo BoltFailInfo BoltAckInfo BoltExecuteInfo])
(:import [backtype.storm.metric.api IMetric IMetricsConsumer$TaskInfo IMetricsConsumer$DataPoint StateMetric])
(:import [backtype.storm Config])
(:require [backtype.storm [tuple :as tuple]])
(:require [backtype.storm.daemon [task :as task]])
(:require [backtype.storm.daemon.builtin-metrics :as builtin-metrics]))
(defn- mk-fields-grouper [^Fields out-fields ^Fields group-fields ^List target-tasks]
(let [num-tasks (count target-tasks)
task-getter (fn [i] (.get target-tasks i))]
(fn [task-id ^List values]
(-> (.select out-fields group-fields values)
(mod num-tasks)
(defn- mk-shuffle-grouper [^List target-tasks]
(let [choices (rotating-random-range target-tasks)]
(fn [task-id tuple]
(acquire-random-range-id choices))))
(defn- mk-custom-grouper [^CustomStreamGrouping grouping ^WorkerTopologyContext context ^String component-id ^String stream-id target-tasks]
(.prepare grouping context (GlobalStreamId. component-id stream-id) target-tasks)
(fn [task-id ^List values]
(.chooseTasks grouping task-id values)
(defn- mk-grouper
"Returns a function that returns a vector of which task indices to send tuple to, or just a single task index."
[^WorkerTopologyContext context component-id stream-id ^Fields out-fields thrift-grouping ^List target-tasks]
(let [num-tasks (count target-tasks)
random (Random.)
target-tasks (vec (sort target-tasks))]
(condp = (thrift/grouping-type thrift-grouping)
(if (thrift/global-grouping? thrift-grouping)
(fn [task-id tuple]
;; It's possible for target to have multiple tasks if it reads multiple sources
(first target-tasks))
(let [group-fields (Fields. (thrift/field-grouping thrift-grouping))]
(mk-fields-grouper out-fields group-fields target-tasks)
(fn [task-id tuple] target-tasks)
(mk-shuffle-grouper target-tasks)
(let [same-tasks (set/intersection
(set target-tasks)
(set (.getThisWorkerTasks context)))]
(if-not (empty? same-tasks)
(mk-shuffle-grouper (vec same-tasks))
(mk-shuffle-grouper target-tasks)))
(fn [task-id tuple]
(let [i (mod (.nextInt random) num-tasks)]
(.get target-tasks i)
(let [grouping (thrift/instantiate-java-object (.get_custom_object thrift-grouping))]
(mk-custom-grouper grouping context component-id stream-id target-tasks))
(let [grouping (Utils/deserialize (.get_custom_serialized thrift-grouping))]
(mk-custom-grouper grouping context component-id stream-id target-tasks))
(defn- outbound-groupings [^WorkerTopologyContext worker-context this-component-id stream-id out-fields component->grouping]
(->> component->grouping
(filter-key #(-> worker-context
(.getComponentTasks %)
(map (fn [[component tgrouping]]
(mk-grouper worker-context
(.getComponentTasks worker-context component)
(into {})
(defn outbound-components
"Returns map of stream id to component id to grouper"
[^WorkerTopologyContext worker-context component-id]
(->> (.getTargets worker-context component-id)
(map (fn [[stream-id component->grouping]]
(.getComponentOutputFields worker-context component-id stream-id)
(into {})
(defn executor-type [^WorkerTopologyContext context component-id]
(let [topology (.getRawTopology context)
spouts (.get_spouts topology)
bolts (.get_bolts topology)]
(cond (contains? spouts component-id) :spout
(contains? bolts component-id) :bolt
:else (throw-runtime "Could not find " component-id " in topology " topology))))
(defn executor-selector [executor-data & _] (:type executor-data))
(defmulti mk-threads executor-selector)
(defmulti mk-executor-stats executor-selector)
(defmulti close-component executor-selector)
(defn- normalized-component-conf [storm-conf general-context component-id]
(let [to-remove (disj (set ALL-CONFIGS)
spec-conf (-> general-context
(.getComponentCommon component-id)
(merge storm-conf (apply dissoc spec-conf to-remove))
(defprotocol RunningExecutor
(render-stats [this])
(get-executor-id [this]))
(defn throttled-report-error-fn [executor]
(let [storm-conf (:storm-conf executor)
error-interval-secs (storm-conf TOPOLOGY-ERROR-THROTTLE-INTERVAL-SECS)
max-per-interval (storm-conf TOPOLOGY-MAX-ERROR-REPORT-PER-INTERVAL)
interval-start-time (atom (current-time-secs))
interval-errors (atom 0)
(fn [error]
(log-error error)
(when (> (time-delta @interval-start-time)
(reset! interval-errors 0)
(reset! interval-start-time (current-time-secs)))
(swap! interval-errors inc)
(when (<= @interval-errors max-per-interval)
(cluster/report-error (:storm-cluster-state executor) (:storm-id executor) (:component-id executor)
(hostname storm-conf)
(.getThisWorkerPort (:worker-context executor)) error)
;; in its own function so that it can be mocked out by tracked topologies
(defn mk-executor-transfer-fn [batch-transfer->worker]
(fn this
([task tuple block? ^List overflow-buffer]
(if (and overflow-buffer (not (.isEmpty overflow-buffer)))
(.add overflow-buffer [task tuple])
(disruptor/publish batch-transfer->worker [task tuple] block?)
(catch InsufficientCapacityException e
(if overflow-buffer
(.add overflow-buffer [task tuple])
(throw e))
([task tuple overflow-buffer]
(this task tuple (nil? overflow-buffer) overflow-buffer))
([task tuple]
(this task tuple nil)
(defn mk-executor-data [worker executor-id]
(let [worker-context (worker-context worker)
task-ids (executor-id->tasks executor-id)
component-id (.getComponentId worker-context (first task-ids))
storm-conf (normalized-component-conf (:storm-conf worker) worker-context component-id)
executor-type (executor-type worker-context component-id)
batch-transfer->worker (disruptor/disruptor-queue
(str "executor" executor-id "-send-queue")
:claim-strategy :single-threaded
:wait-strategy (storm-conf TOPOLOGY-DISRUPTOR-WAIT-STRATEGY))
:worker worker
:worker-context worker-context
:executor-id executor-id
:task-ids task-ids
:component-id component-id
:open-or-prepare-was-called? (atom false)
:storm-conf storm-conf
:receive-queue ((:executor-receive-queue-map worker) executor-id)
:storm-id (:storm-id worker)
:conf (:conf worker)
:shared-executor-data (HashMap.)
:storm-active-atom (:storm-active-atom worker)
:batch-transfer-queue batch-transfer->worker
:transfer-fn (mk-executor-transfer-fn batch-transfer->worker)
:suicide-fn (:suicide-fn worker)
:storm-cluster-state (cluster/mk-storm-cluster-state (:cluster-state worker))
:type executor-type
;; TODO: should refactor this to be part of the executor specific map (spout or bolt with :common field)
:stats (mk-executor-stats <> (sampling-rate storm-conf))
:interval->task->metric-registry (HashMap.)
:task->component (:task->component worker)
:stream->component->grouper (outbound-components worker-context component-id)
:report-error (throttled-report-error-fn <>)
:report-error-and-die (fn [error]
((:report-error <>) error)
((:suicide-fn <>)))
:deserializer (KryoTupleDeserializer. storm-conf worker-context)
:sampler (mk-stats-sampler storm-conf)
;; TODO: add in the executor-specific stuff in a :specific... or make a spout-data, bolt-data function?
(defn start-batch-transfer->worker-handler! [worker executor-data]
(let [worker-transfer-fn (:transfer-fn worker)
cached-emit (MutableObject. (ArrayList.))
storm-conf (:storm-conf executor-data)
serializer (KryoTupleSerializer. storm-conf (:worker-context executor-data))
(:batch-transfer-queue executor-data)
(disruptor/handler [o seq-id batch-end?]
(let [^ArrayList alist (.getObject cached-emit)]
(.add alist o)
(when batch-end?
(worker-transfer-fn serializer alist)
(.setObject cached-emit (ArrayList.))
:kill-fn (:report-error-and-die executor-data))))
(defn setup-metrics! [executor-data]
(let [{:keys [storm-conf receive-queue worker-context interval->task->metric-registry]} executor-data
distinct-time-bucket-intervals (keys interval->task->metric-registry)]
(doseq [interval distinct-time-bucket-intervals]
(:user-timer (:worker executor-data))
(fn []
[[nil (TupleImpl. worker-context [interval] Constants/SYSTEM_TASK_ID Constants/METRICS_TICK_STREAM_ID)]]))))))
(defn metrics-tick [executor-data task-data ^TupleImpl tuple]
(let [{:keys [interval->task->metric-registry ^WorkerTopologyContext worker-context]} executor-data
interval (.getInteger tuple 0)
task-id (:task-id task-data)
name->imetric (-> interval->task->metric-registry (get interval) (get task-id))
task-info (IMetricsConsumer$TaskInfo.
(hostname (:storm-conf executor-data))
(.getThisWorkerPort worker-context)
(:component-id executor-data)
(long (/ (System/currentTimeMillis) 1000))
data-points (->> name->imetric
(map (fn [[name imetric]]
(let [value (.getValueAndReset ^IMetric imetric)]
(if value
(IMetricsConsumer$DataPoint. name value)))))
(filter identity)
(into []))]
(if (seq data-points)
(task/send-unanchored task-data Constants/METRICS_STREAM_ID [task-info data-points]))))
(defn setup-ticks! [worker executor-data]
(let [storm-conf (:storm-conf executor-data)
tick-time-secs (storm-conf TOPOLOGY-TICK-TUPLE-FREQ-SECS)
receive-queue (:receive-queue executor-data)
context (:worker-context executor-data)]
(when tick-time-secs
(if (or (system-id? (:component-id executor-data))
(= :spout (:type executor-data))))
(log-message "Timeouts disabled for executor " (:component-id executor-data) ":" (:executor-id executor-data))
(:user-timer worker)
(fn []
[[nil (TupleImpl. context [tick-time-secs] Constants/SYSTEM_TASK_ID Constants/SYSTEM_TICK_STREAM_ID)]]
(defn mk-executor [worker executor-id]
(let [executor-data (mk-executor-data worker executor-id)
_ (log-message "Loading executor " (:component-id executor-data) ":" (pr-str executor-id))
task-datas (->> executor-data
(map (fn [t] [t (task/mk-task executor-data t)]))
(into {})
_ (log-message "Loaded executor tasks " (:component-id executor-data) ":" (pr-str executor-id))
report-error-and-die (:report-error-and-die executor-data)
component-id (:component-id executor-data)
;; starting the batch-transfer->worker ensures that anything publishing to that queue
;; doesn't block (because it's a single threaded queue and the caching/consumer started
;; trick isn't thread-safe)
system-threads [(start-batch-transfer->worker-handler! worker executor-data)]
handlers (with-error-reaction report-error-and-die
(mk-threads executor-data task-datas))
threads (concat handlers system-threads)]
(setup-ticks! worker executor-data)
(log-message "Finished loading executor " component-id ":" (pr-str executor-id))
;; TODO: add method here to get rendered stats... have worker call that when heartbeating
(render-stats [this]
(stats/render-stats! (:stats executor-data)))
(get-executor-id [this]
executor-id )
(log-message "Shutting down executor " component-id ":" (pr-str executor-id))
(disruptor/halt-with-interrupt! (:receive-queue executor-data))
(disruptor/halt-with-interrupt! (:batch-transfer-queue executor-data))
(doseq [t threads]
(.interrupt t)
(.join t))
(doseq [user-context (map :user-context (vals task-datas))]
(doseq [hook (.getHooks user-context)]
(.cleanup hook)))
(.disconnect (:storm-cluster-state executor-data))
(when @(:open-or-prepare-was-called? executor-data)
(doseq [obj (map :object (vals task-datas))]
(close-component executor-data obj)))
(log-message "Shut down executor " component-id ":" (pr-str executor-id)))
(defn- fail-spout-msg [executor-data task-data msg-id tuple-info time-delta]
(let [^ISpout spout (:object task-data)
task-id (:task-id task-data)]
;;TODO: need to throttle these when there's lots of failures
(log-debug "Failing message " msg-id ": " tuple-info)
(.fail spout msg-id)
(task/apply-hooks (:user-context task-data) .spoutFail (SpoutFailInfo. msg-id task-id time-delta))
(when time-delta
(builtin-metrics/spout-failed-tuple! (:builtin-metrics task-data) (:stats executor-data) (:stream tuple-info))
(stats/spout-failed-tuple! (:stats executor-data) (:stream tuple-info) time-delta))))
(defn- ack-spout-msg [executor-data task-data msg-id tuple-info time-delta]
(let [storm-conf (:storm-conf executor-data)
^ISpout spout (:object task-data)
task-id (:task-id task-data)]
(when (= true (storm-conf TOPOLOGY-DEBUG))
(log-message "Acking message " msg-id))
(.ack spout msg-id)
(task/apply-hooks (:user-context task-data) .spoutAck (SpoutAckInfo. msg-id task-id time-delta))
(when time-delta
(builtin-metrics/spout-acked-tuple! (:builtin-metrics task-data) (:stats executor-data) (:stream tuple-info) time-delta)
(stats/spout-acked-tuple! (:stats executor-data) (:stream tuple-info) time-delta))))
(defn mk-task-receiver [executor-data tuple-action-fn]
(let [^KryoTupleDeserializer deserializer (:deserializer executor-data)
task-ids (:task-ids executor-data)
debug? (= true (-> executor-data :storm-conf (get TOPOLOGY-DEBUG)))
(fn [tuple-batch sequence-id end-of-batch?]
(fast-list-iter [[task-id msg] tuple-batch]
(let [^TupleImpl tuple (if (instance? Tuple msg) msg (.deserialize deserializer msg))]
(when debug? (log-message "Processing received message " tuple))
(if task-id
(tuple-action-fn task-id tuple)
;; null task ids are broadcast tuples
(fast-list-iter [task-id task-ids]
(tuple-action-fn task-id tuple)
(defn executor-max-spout-pending [storm-conf num-tasks]
(let [p (storm-conf TOPOLOGY-MAX-SPOUT-PENDING)]
(if p (* p num-tasks))))
(defn init-spout-wait-strategy [storm-conf]
(let [ret (-> storm-conf (get TOPOLOGY-SPOUT-WAIT-STRATEGY) new-instance)]
(.prepare ret storm-conf)
(defmethod mk-threads :spout [executor-data task-datas]
(let [{:keys [storm-conf component-id worker-context transfer-fn report-error sampler open-or-prepare-was-called?]} executor-data
^ISpoutWaitStrategy spout-wait-strategy (init-spout-wait-strategy storm-conf)
max-spout-pending (executor-max-spout-pending storm-conf (count task-datas))
^Integer max-spout-pending (if max-spout-pending (int max-spout-pending))
last-active (atom false)
spouts (ArrayList. (map :object (vals task-datas)))
rand (Random. (Utils/secureRandomLong))
pending (RotatingMap.
2 ;; microoptimize for performance of .size method
(reify RotatingMap$ExpiredCallback
(expire [this msg-id [task-id spout-id tuple-info start-time-ms]]
(let [time-delta (if start-time-ms (time-delta-ms start-time-ms))]
(fail-spout-msg executor-data (get task-datas task-id) spout-id tuple-info time-delta)
tuple-action-fn (fn [task-id ^TupleImpl tuple]
(let [stream-id (.getSourceStreamId tuple)]
(condp = stream-id
Constants/SYSTEM_TICK_STREAM_ID (.rotate pending)
Constants/METRICS_TICK_STREAM_ID (metrics-tick executor-data (get task-datas task-id) tuple)
(let [id (.getValue tuple 0)
[stored-task-id spout-id tuple-finished-info start-time-ms] (.remove pending id)]
(when spout-id
(when-not (= stored-task-id task-id)
(throw-runtime "Fatal error, mismatched task ids: " task-id " " stored-task-id))
(let [time-delta (if start-time-ms (time-delta-ms start-time-ms))]
(condp = stream-id
ACKER-ACK-STREAM-ID (ack-spout-msg executor-data (get task-datas task-id)
spout-id tuple-finished-info time-delta)
ACKER-FAIL-STREAM-ID (fail-spout-msg executor-data (get task-datas task-id)
spout-id tuple-finished-info time-delta)
;; TODO: on failure, emit tuple to failure stream
receive-queue (:receive-queue executor-data)
event-handler (mk-task-receiver executor-data tuple-action-fn)
has-ackers? (has-ackers? storm-conf)
emitted-count (MutableLong. 0)
empty-emit-streak (MutableLong. 0)
;; the overflow buffer is used to ensure that spouts never block when emitting
;; this ensures that the spout can always clear the incoming buffer (acks and fails), which
;; prevents deadlock from occuring across the topology (e.g. Spout -> Bolt -> Acker -> Spout, and all
;; buffers filled up)
;; when the overflow buffer is full, spouts stop calling nextTuple until it's able to clear the overflow buffer
;; this limits the size of the overflow buffer to however many tuples a spout emits in one call of nextTuple,
;; preventing memory issues
overflow-buffer (LinkedList.)]
(fn []
;; If topology was started in inactive state, don't call (.open spout) until it's activated first.
(while (not @(:storm-active-atom executor-data))
(Thread/sleep 100))
(log-message "Opening spout " component-id ":" (keys task-datas))
(doseq [[task-id task-data] task-datas
:let [^ISpout spout-obj (:object task-data)
tasks-fn (:tasks-fn task-data)
send-spout-msg (fn [out-stream-id values message-id out-task-id]
(.increment emitted-count)
(let [out-tasks (if out-task-id
(tasks-fn out-task-id out-stream-id values)
(tasks-fn out-stream-id values))
rooted? (and message-id has-ackers?)
root-id (if rooted? (MessageId/generateId rand))
out-ids (fast-list-for [t out-tasks] (if rooted? (MessageId/generateId rand)))]
(fast-list-iter [out-task out-tasks id out-ids]
(let [tuple-id (if rooted?
(MessageId/makeRootId root-id id)
out-tuple (TupleImpl. worker-context
(transfer-fn out-task
(if rooted?
(.put pending root-id [task-id
{:stream out-stream-id :values values}
(if (sampler) (System/currentTimeMillis))])
(task/send-unanchored task-data
[root-id (bit-xor-vals out-ids) task-id]
(when message-id
(ack-spout-msg executor-data task-data message-id
{:stream out-stream-id :values values}
(if (sampler) 0))))
(or out-tasks [])
(builtin-metrics/register-all (:builtin-metrics task-data) storm-conf (:user-context task-data))
(builtin-metrics/register-queue-metrics {:sendqueue (:batch-transfer-queue executor-data)
:receive receive-queue}
storm-conf (:user-context task-data))
(.open spout-obj
(:user-context task-data)
(reify ISpoutOutputCollector
(^List emit [this ^String stream-id ^List tuple ^Object message-id]
(send-spout-msg stream-id tuple message-id nil)
(^void emitDirect [this ^int out-task-id ^String stream-id
^List tuple ^Object message-id]
(send-spout-msg stream-id tuple message-id out-task-id)
(reportError [this error]
(report-error error)
(reset! open-or-prepare-was-called? true)
(log-message "Opened spout " component-id ":" (keys task-datas))
(setup-metrics! executor-data)
(disruptor/consumer-started! (:receive-queue executor-data))
(fn []
;; This design requires that spouts be non-blocking
(disruptor/consume-batch receive-queue event-handler)
;; try to clear the overflow-buffer
(while (not (.isEmpty overflow-buffer))
(let [[out-task out-tuple] (.peek overflow-buffer)]
(transfer-fn out-task out-tuple false nil)
(.removeFirst overflow-buffer)))
(catch InsufficientCapacityException e
(let [active? @(:storm-active-atom executor-data)
curr-count (.get emitted-count)]
(if (and (.isEmpty overflow-buffer)
(or (not max-spout-pending)
(< (.size pending) max-spout-pending)))
(if active?
(when-not @last-active
(reset! last-active true)
(log-message "Activating spout " component-id ":" (keys task-datas))
(fast-list-iter [^ISpout spout spouts] (.activate spout)))
(fast-list-iter [^ISpout spout spouts] (.nextTuple spout)))
(when @last-active
(reset! last-active false)
(log-message "Deactivating spout " component-id ":" (keys task-datas))
(fast-list-iter [^ISpout spout spouts] (.deactivate spout)))
;; TODO: log that it's getting throttled
(Time/sleep 100))))
(if (and (= curr-count (.get emitted-count)) active?)
(do (.increment empty-emit-streak)
(.emptyEmit spout-wait-strategy (.get empty-emit-streak)))
(.set empty-emit-streak 0)
:kill-fn (:report-error-and-die executor-data)
:factory? true
:thread-name component-id)]))
(defn- tuple-time-delta! [^TupleImpl tuple]
(let [ms (.getProcessSampleStartTime tuple)]
(if ms
(time-delta-ms ms))))
(defn- tuple-execute-time-delta! [^TupleImpl tuple]
(let [ms (.getExecuteSampleStartTime tuple)]
(if ms
(time-delta-ms ms))))
(defn put-xor! [^Map pending key id]
(let [curr (or (.get pending key) (long 0))]
(.put pending key (bit-xor curr id))))
(defmethod mk-threads :bolt [executor-data task-datas]
(let [execute-sampler (mk-stats-sampler (:storm-conf executor-data))
executor-stats (:stats executor-data)
{:keys [storm-conf component-id worker-context transfer-fn report-error sampler
open-or-prepare-was-called?]} executor-data
rand (Random. (Utils/secureRandomLong))
tuple-action-fn (fn [task-id ^TupleImpl tuple]
;; synchronization needs to be done with a key provided by this bolt, otherwise:
;; spout 1 sends synchronization (s1), dies, same spout restarts somewhere else, sends synchronization (s2) and incremental update. s2 and update finish before s1 -> lose the incremental update
;; TODO: for state sync, need to first send sync messages in a loop and receive tuples until synchronization
;; buffer other tuples until fully synchronized, then process all of those tuples
;; then go into normal loop
;; spill to disk?
;; could be receiving incremental updates while waiting for sync or even a partial sync because of another failed task
;; should remember sync requests and include a random sync id in the request. drop anything not related to active sync requests
;; or just timeout the sync messages that are coming in until full sync is hit from that task
;; need to drop incremental updates from tasks where waiting for sync. otherwise, buffer the incremental updates
;; TODO: for state sync, need to check if tuple comes from state spout. if so, update state
;; TODO: how to handle incremental updates as well as synchronizations at same time
;; TODO: need to version tuples somehow
;;(log-debug "Received tuple " tuple " at task " task-id)
;; need to do it this way to avoid reflection
(let [stream-id (.getSourceStreamId tuple)]
(condp = stream-id
Constants/METRICS_TICK_STREAM_ID (metrics-tick executor-data (get task-datas task-id) tuple)
(let [task-data (get task-datas task-id)
^IBolt bolt-obj (:object task-data)
user-context (:user-context task-data)
sampler? (sampler)
execute-sampler? (execute-sampler)
now (if (or sampler? execute-sampler?) (System/currentTimeMillis))]
(when sampler?
(.setProcessSampleStartTime tuple now))
(when execute-sampler?
(.setExecuteSampleStartTime tuple now))
(.execute bolt-obj tuple)
(let [delta (tuple-execute-time-delta! tuple)]
(task/apply-hooks user-context .boltExecute (BoltExecuteInfo. tuple task-id delta))
(when delta
(builtin-metrics/bolt-execute-tuple! (:builtin-metrics task-data)
(.getSourceComponent tuple)
(.getSourceStreamId tuple)
(stats/bolt-execute-tuple! executor-stats
(.getSourceComponent tuple)
(.getSourceStreamId tuple)
;; TODO: can get any SubscribedState objects out of the context now
(fn []
;; If topology was started in inactive state, don't call prepare bolt until it's activated first.
(while (not @(:storm-active-atom executor-data))
(Thread/sleep 100))
(log-message "Preparing bolt " component-id ":" (keys task-datas))
(doseq [[task-id task-data] task-datas
:let [^IBolt bolt-obj (:object task-data)
tasks-fn (:tasks-fn task-data)
user-context (:user-context task-data)
bolt-emit (fn [stream anchors values task]
(let [out-tasks (if task
(tasks-fn task stream values)
(tasks-fn stream values))]
(fast-list-iter [t out-tasks]
(let [anchors-to-ids (HashMap.)]
(fast-list-iter [^TupleImpl a anchors]
(let [root-ids (-> a .getMessageId .getAnchorsToIds .keySet)]
(when (pos? (count root-ids))
(let [edge-id (MessageId/generateId rand)]
(.updateAckVal a edge-id)
(fast-list-iter [root-id root-ids]
(put-xor! anchors-to-ids root-id edge-id))
(transfer-fn t
(TupleImpl. worker-context
(MessageId/makeId anchors-to-ids)))))
(or out-tasks [])))]]
(builtin-metrics/register-all (:builtin-metrics task-data) storm-conf user-context)
(if (= component-id Constants/SYSTEM_COMPONENT_ID)
(builtin-metrics/register-queue-metrics {:sendqueue (:batch-transfer-queue executor-data)
:receive (:receive-queue executor-data)
:transfer (:transfer-queue (:worker executor-data))}
storm-conf user-context)
(builtin-metrics/register-queue-metrics {:sendqueue (:batch-transfer-queue executor-data)
:receive (:receive-queue executor-data)}
storm-conf user-context)
(.prepare bolt-obj
(reify IOutputCollector
(emit [this stream anchors values]
(bolt-emit stream anchors values nil))
(emitDirect [this task stream anchors values]
(bolt-emit stream anchors values task))
(^void ack [this ^Tuple tuple]
(let [^TupleImpl tuple tuple
ack-val (.getAckVal tuple)]
(fast-map-iter [[root id] (.. tuple getMessageId getAnchorsToIds)]
(task/send-unanchored task-data
[root (bit-xor id ack-val)])
(let [delta (tuple-time-delta! tuple)]
(task/apply-hooks user-context .boltAck (BoltAckInfo. tuple task-id delta))
(when delta
(builtin-metrics/bolt-acked-tuple! (:builtin-metrics task-data)
(.getSourceComponent tuple)
(.getSourceStreamId tuple)
(stats/bolt-acked-tuple! executor-stats
(.getSourceComponent tuple)
(.getSourceStreamId tuple)
(^void fail [this ^Tuple tuple]
(fast-list-iter [root (.. tuple getMessageId getAnchors)]
(task/send-unanchored task-data
(let [delta (tuple-time-delta! tuple)]
(task/apply-hooks user-context .boltFail (BoltFailInfo. tuple task-id delta))
(when delta
(builtin-metrics/bolt-failed-tuple! (:builtin-metrics task-data)
(.getSourceComponent tuple)
(.getSourceStreamId tuple))
(stats/bolt-failed-tuple! executor-stats
(.getSourceComponent tuple)
(.getSourceStreamId tuple)
(reportError [this error]
(report-error error)
(reset! open-or-prepare-was-called? true)
(log-message "Prepared bolt " component-id ":" (keys task-datas))
(setup-metrics! executor-data)
(let [receive-queue (:receive-queue executor-data)
event-handler (mk-task-receiver executor-data tuple-action-fn)]
(disruptor/consumer-started! receive-queue)
(fn []
(disruptor/consume-batch-when-available receive-queue event-handler)
:kill-fn (:report-error-and-die executor-data)
:factory? true
:thread-name component-id)]))
(defmethod close-component :spout [executor-data spout]
(.close spout))
(defmethod close-component :bolt [executor-data bolt]
(.cleanup bolt))
;; TODO: refactor this to be part of an executor-specific map
(defmethod mk-executor-stats :spout [_ rate]
(stats/mk-spout-stats rate))
(defmethod mk-executor-stats :bolt [_ rate]
(stats/mk-bolt-stats rate))