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Storm OpenTSDB Bolt and TridentState

OpenTSDB offers a scalable and highly available storage for time series data. It consists of a Time Series Daemon (TSD) servers along with command line utilities. Each TSD connects to the configured HBase cluster to push/query the data.

Time series data point consists of:

  • a metric name.
  • a UNIX timestamp (seconds or milliseconds since Epoch).
  • a value (64 bit integer or single-precision floating point value).
  • a set of tags (key-value pairs) that describe the time series the point belongs to.

Storm bolt and trident state creates the above time series data from a tuple based on the given TupleMetricPointMapper

This module provides core Storm and Trident bolt implementations for writing data to OpenTSDB.

Time series data points are written with at-least-once guarantee and duplicate data points should be handled as mentioned here in OpenTSDB.


Core Bolt

Below example describes the usage of core bolt which is org.apache.storm.opentsdb.bolt.OpenTsdbBolt

OpenTsdbClient.Builder builder = OpenTsdbClient.newBuilder(openTsdbUrl).sync(30_000).returnDetails(); final OpenTsdbBolt openTsdbBolt = new OpenTsdbBolt(builder, Collections.singletonList(TupleOpenTsdbDatapointMapper.DEFAULT_MAPPER)); openTsdbBolt.withBatchSize(10).withFlushInterval(2000); topologyBuilder.setBolt("opentsdb", openTsdbBolt).shuffleGrouping("metric-gen");

Trident State

final OpenTsdbStateFactory openTsdbStateFactory = new OpenTsdbStateFactory(OpenTsdbClient.newBuilder(tsdbUrl), Collections.singletonList(TupleOpenTsdbDatapointMapper.DEFAULT_MAPPER)); TridentTopology tridentTopology = new TridentTopology(); final Stream stream = tridentTopology.newStream("metric-tsdb-stream", new MetricGenSpout()); stream.peek(new Consumer() { @Override public void accept(TridentTuple input) {"########### Received tuple: [{}]", input); } }).partitionPersist(openTsdbStateFactory, MetricGenSpout.DEFAULT_METRIC_FIELDS, new OpenTsdbStateUpdater());


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