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Blobstore Migrator

Basic Use

Build The Thing

Use make to build a tarball with everything needed.

$ make

Use The Thing

Copy and extract the tarball

$ scp blobstore-migrator.tgz
$ ssh
... On my-nimbus-host ...
$ tar -xvzf blobstore-migrator.tgz

This will expand into a blobstore-migrator directory with all the scripts and the jar.

$ cd blobstore-migrator
$ ls

To run, first create a config for the cluster. The config must be named ‘config’ It must contain definitions for HDFS_BLOBSTORE_DIR, LOCAL_BLOBSTORE_DIR, and HADOOP_CLASSPATH. Hadoop jars are packaged with neither storm nor this package, so they must be installed separately.

Optional configs used to configure security are: BLOBSTORE_PRINCIPAL, KEYTAB_FILE, and JAAS_CONF


$ cat config

# My security configs: 

Now you can run any of the scripts, all of which require config to exist:

  • lists all blobs currently in the HDFS Blobstore
  • lists all blobs currently in the local Blobstore
  • Begins the migration process for Nimbus. (Read instructions below first)



To migrate blobs from nimbus, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Shut down all Nimbus Instances
  2. Backup storm config
  3. Change the following settings in Nimbus' storm config:
    • blobstore.dir
    • blobstore.hdfs.principal
    • blobstore.hdfs.keytab
    • blobstore.replication.factor
    • nimbus.blobstore.class
  4. Configure server so that the environment variable STORM_EXT_CLASSPATH includes whatever HADOOP_CLASSPATH contains when storm nimbus is run.
  5. Run the script on the master Nimbus. It will migrate the blobs from the LocalFsBlobStore to the HdfsBlobStore, and then exit.
  6. Double check to make sure the storm configs look sane, and the blobs are where they should be. (,

Once everything looks good, start the Nimbus Instances and the Nimbus BlobStore migration will be done.

If something goes wrong during this process, restore the config that you backed up in step 1 and then start Nimbus. Nimbus will use the Local Blobstore as before.


Supervisors can be upgraded by performing the following steps:

  1. Shut down the supervisor.
  2. Putting the following blobstore settings in place:
    • blobstore.dir
    • blobstore.hdfs.principal
    • blobstore.hdfs.keytab
    • blobstore.replication.factor
    • supervisor.blobstore.class
  3. Kill all remaining worker processes (this is ugly)
  4. Wipe the local state
  5. Start the supervisor.

The reason for the hard wipe of the supervisor state is due to spurious errors during supervisor migration that were only solved by wiping out the local state. This may not be the best solution, but it does seem to work predictably.


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