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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
from datetime import datetime
from github import mstr
from jira_github import Jira
from formatter import Formatter, encode
def daydiff(a, b):
return (a - b).days
class Report:
now = datetime.utcnow()
def __init__(self, header=''):
self.header = header
# if padding starts with - it puts padding before contents, otherwise after
def _build_tuple(contents, padding=''):
if padding is not '':
out = []
for i in range(len(contents)):
out += [padding[1:] + str(contents[i])] if padding[0] is '-' else [str(contents[i]) + padding]
return tuple(out)
return contents
# calls the native print function with the following format. Text1,Text2,... has the correct spacing
# print ("%s%s%s" % ("Text1, Text2, Text3))
def print_(self, formatter, row_tuple):
print (formatter.format % formatter.row_str_format(row_tuple))
class JiraReport(Report):
def __init__(self, issues, header=''):
Report.__init__(self, header)
self.issues = issues
def view(self, excluded):
issues_view = dict(self.issues)
for key in excluded:
issues_view.pop(key, None)
return issues_view
def keys_view(self, excluded):
return self.view(excluded).keys().sort(Jira.storm_jira_cmp, reverse=True)
def values_view(self, excluded=None):
temp_dic = dict(self.issues) if excluded is None else self.view(excluded)
values = temp_dic.values()
values.sort(Jira.storm_jira_cmp, reverse=True)
return values
def _row_tuple(jira):
return (jira.get_id(), jira.get_trimmed_summary(), daydiff(, jira.get_created()),
daydiff(, jira.get_updated()))
def _min_width_tuple(self):
return -1, 43, -1, -1
def print_report(self):
print "%s (Count = %s) " % (self.header, len(self.issues))
jiras = self.values_view()
fields_tuple = ('Jira Id', 'Summary', 'Created', 'Last Updated (Days)')
row_tuple = self._row_tuple(jiras[0])
formatter = Formatter(fields_tuple, row_tuple, self._min_width_tuple())
self.print_(formatter, fields_tuple)
for jira in jiras:
row_tuple = self._row_tuple(jira)
self.print_(formatter, row_tuple)
def build_jira_url(jira_id):
return BASE_URL + jira_id
class GitHubReport(Report):
def __init__(self, pull_requests=None, header=''):
Report.__init__(self, header)
if pull_requests is None:
self.pull_requests = []
self.type = ''
self.pull_requests = pull_requests
self.type = type
def _row_tuple(self, pull):
return self._build_tuple(
(pull.html_url(), pull.trimmed_title(), daydiff(, pull.created_at()),
daydiff(, pull.updated_at()), pull.user()), '')
def _min_width_tuple(self):
return -1, 43, -1, -1, -1
def print_report(self):
print "%s (Count = %s) " % (self.header, len(self.pull_requests))
fields_tuple = self._build_tuple(('URL', 'Title', 'Created', 'Last Updated (Days)', 'User'), '')
if len(self.pull_requests) > 0:
row_tuple = self._row_tuple(self.pull_requests[0])
formatter = Formatter(fields_tuple, row_tuple, self._min_width_tuple())
self.print_(formatter, fields_tuple)
for pull in self.pull_requests:
row_tuple = self._row_tuple(pull)
self.print_(formatter, row_tuple)
def jira_ids(self):
:return: sorted list of JIRA ids present in Git pull requests
jira_ids = list()
for pull in self.pull_requests:
return sorted(jira_ids)
class JiraGitHubCombinedReport(Report):
def __init__(self, jira_report, github_report, header='', print_comments=False):
Report.__init__(self, header)
self.jira_report = jira_report
self.github_report = github_report
self.print_comments = print_comments
def _jira_comments(self, jira_id):
return None if jira_id is None else self.jira_report.issues[jira_id].get_comments()
def _idx_1st_comment_with_vote(self):
g = 0
for pull in self.github_report.pull_requests:
c = 0
for comment in self._jira_comments(pull.jira_id()):
if comment.has_vote():
return(g,) + (c,)
c += 1
g += 1
def _pull_request(self, pull_idx):
pull = self.github_report.pull_requests[pull_idx]
return pull
def _jira_id(self, pull_idx):
pull = self._pull_request(pull_idx)
return encode(pull.jira_id())
def _jira_issue(self, jira_id):
return self.jira_report.issues[jira_id]
def _row_tuple(self, pull_idx):
pull = self._pull_request(pull_idx)
jira_id = self._jira_id(pull_idx)
jira_issue = self._jira_issue(jira_id)
return (jira_id, mstr(pull), jira_issue.get_trimmed_summary(),
daydiff(, jira_issue.get_created()),
daydiff(, pull.created_at()),
daydiff(, jira_issue.get_updated()),
daydiff(, pull.updated_at()),
jira_issue.get_status(), pull.user())
def _row_tuple_1(self, pull_idx, comment_idx):
row_tuple_1 = None
jira_id = self._jira_id(pull_idx)
jira_comments = self._jira_comments(jira_id)
comment = jira_comments[comment_idx]
if comment.has_vote():
row_tuple_1 = (comment.get_vote(), comment.get_author(), comment.get_pull(),
daydiff(, comment.get_created()))
return row_tuple_1
# variables and method names ending with _1 correspond to the comments part
def print_report(self, print_comments=False):
print "%s (Count = %s) " % (self.header, len(self.github_report.pull_requests))
fields_tuple = ('JIRA ID', 'Pull Request', 'Jira Summary', 'JIRA Age',
'Pull Age', 'JIRA Update Age', 'Pull Update Age (Days)',
'JIRA Status', 'GitHub user')
row_tuple = self._row_tuple(0)
formatter = Formatter(fields_tuple, row_tuple)
self.print_(formatter, fields_tuple)
row_tuple_1 = ()
formatter_1 = Formatter()
if print_comments or self.print_comments:
fields_tuple_1 = self._build_tuple(('Comment Vote', 'Comment Author', 'Pull URL', 'Comment Age'), '-\t\t')
row_tuple_1 = self._build_tuple(self._row_tuple_1(*self._idx_1st_comment_with_vote()), '-\t\t')
formatter_1 = Formatter(fields_tuple_1, row_tuple_1)
self.print_(formatter_1, fields_tuple_1)
print ''
for p in range(0, len(self.github_report.pull_requests)):
row_tuple = self._row_tuple(p)
self.print_(formatter, row_tuple)
if print_comments or self.print_comments:
has_vote = False
comments = self._jira_comments(self._jira_id(p))
for c in range(len(comments)): # Check cleaner way
comment = comments[c]
if comment.has_vote():
row_tuple_1 = self._build_tuple(self._row_tuple_1(p, c), '-\t\t')
if row_tuple_1 is not None:
self.print_(formatter_1, row_tuple_1)
has_vote = True
if has_vote:
print ''
class CompleteReport(Report):
def __init__(self, header=''):
Report.__init__(self, header)
self.jira_reports = []
self.github_reports = []
self.jira_github_combined_reports = []
def print_all(self):
if self.header is not '':
print self.header
def _print_jira_reports(self):
for jira in self.jira_reports:
def _print_github_reports(self):
for github in self.github_reports:
def _print_jira_github_combined_reports(self):
for jira_github_combined in self.jira_github_combined_reports: