layout: post title: Apache Storm 1.0.2 Released author: P. Taylor Goetz

The Apache Storm community is pleased to announce that version 1.0.2 has been released and is available from the downloads page.

This is a maintenance release that includes a number of important bug fixes that improve Apache Storm's performance, stability and fault tolerance. We encourage users of previous versions to upgrade to this latest release.


Special thanks are due to all those who have contributed to Apache Storm -- whether through direct code contributions, documentation, bug reports, or helping other users on the mailing lists. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Full Changelog

  • STORM-1939: Frequent InterruptedException raised by ShellBoltMessageQueue.poll
  • STORM-1968: Storm logviewer does not work for nimbus.log in secure cluster
  • STORM-1928: ShellSpout should check heartbeat while ShellSpout is waiting for subprocess to sync
  • STORM-1922: Supervisor summary default order by host
  • STORM-1956: Disabling Backpressure by default
  • STORM-1934: Fix race condition between sync-supervisor and sync-processes
  • STORM-1895: blobstore replication-factor argument
  • STORM-118: Docs: typo in transactional-commit-flow.png
  • STORM-1633: Document blobstore to
  • STORM-1899: Release HBase connection when topology shutdown
  • STORM-1844: Some tests are flaky due to low timeout
  • STORM-1946: initialize lastHeartbeatTimestamp before starting heartbeat task
  • STORM-1941 Nimbus discovery can fail when zookeeper reconnect happens
  • STORM-1937 Fix WindowTridentProcessor cause NullPointerException
  • STORM-1924: Add a config file parameter to HDFS test topologies
  • STORM-1705: Cap number of retries for a failed message
  • STORM-1884: Prioritize pendingPrepare over pendingCommit
  • STORM-1575: fix TwitterSampleSpout NPE on close
  • STORM-1874: Update logger private permissions
  • STORM-1865: update command line client document
  • STORM-1771: HiveState should flushAndClose before closing old or idle Hive connections
  • STORM-1882: Expose TextFileReader public
  • STORM-1864 : StormSubmitter should throw respective exceptions and log respective errors for registered submitter hook invocation
  • STORM-1887: Fixed help message for set_log_level command
  • STORM-1878: Flux can now handle IStatefulBolts
  • STORM-1861: Storm submit command returns exit code of 0 even when it fails.
  • STORM-1755: Revert the kafka client version upgrade in storm-kafka module
  • STORM-1853: Replace ClassLoaderObjectInputStream with ObjectInputStream
  • STORM-1868: Modify TridentKafkaWordCount to run in distributed mode
  • STORM-1859: Ack late tuples in windowed mode
  • STORM-1851: Fix default nimbus impersonation authorizer config
  • STORM-1848: Make KafkaMessageId and Partition serializable to support event logging
  • STORM-1862: Flux ShellSpout and ShellBolt can't emit to named streams
  • Storm-1728: TransactionalTridentKafkaSpout error
  • STORM-1850: State Checkpointing Documentation update
  • STORM-1674: Idle KafkaSpout consumes more bandwidth than needed
  • STORM-1842: Forward references in storm.thrift cause tooling issues
  • STORM-1745: Add partition to log output in PartitionManager
  • STORM-1735: Nimbus should log that replication succeeded when min replicas was reached exactly
  • STORM-1835: add lock info in thread dump
  • STORM-1749: Fix storm-starter github links
  • STORM-1764: Pacemaker is throwing some stack traces
  • STORM-1761: Storm-Solr Example Throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Remote Cluster Mode
  • STORM-1756: Explicitly null KafkaServer reference in KafkaTestBroker to prevent out of memory on large test classes.
  • STORM-1750: Ensure worker dies when report-error-and-die is called.
  • STORM-1715: using Jedis Protocol.DEFAULT_HOST to replace DEFAULT_HOST
  • STORM-1713: Replace NotImplementedException with UnsupportedOperationException
  • STORM-1678: abstract batch processing to common api BatchHelper
  • STORM-1773: Utils.javaDeserialize() doesn't work with primitive types
  • STORM-1661: Introduce a config to turn off blobstore acl validation in insecure mode