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Round one of the Apache Storm logo contest is now complete and was a great success. We received votes from 7 PPMC members as well as 46 votes from the greater Apache Storm community.

We would like to extend a very special thanks to all those who took the time and effort to create and submit a logo proposal. We would also like to thank everyone who voted.


The Apache Storm PPMC and community votes were closely aligned, with the community vote resolving a PPMC tie for the 3rd finalist as shown in the result table below.

The three finalists entering the final round are:

Congratulations Alec and Jennifer!

Stay tuned for the final vote, which will be announced shortly.

1 - Patricia Forrest223
2 - Samuel QuiƱones36
3- Shaan Shiv Suleman07
4 - Richard Brownlie-Marshall06
5 - Ziba Sayari09
6 - Alec Bartos332
7 - Calum Boustead00
8 - Stefano Asili02
9 - Jennifer Lee963
10 - Jennifer Lee1864
11 - Jennifer Lee018