2008-04-24  Martin Sebor  <sebor@roguewave.com>

	Merged revs 648509 and 648403 from trunk.

        2008-04-15  Martin Sebor  <sebor@roguewave.com>

        * include/string.cc (_C_get_rep): Used two static_casts via void*
        instead of a single reinterpret_cast to prevent HP aCC 6 warning
        #4232: conversion from "wchar_t*" to a more strictly aligned type.

	2008-04-15  Martin Sebor  <sebor@roguewave.com>

	* include/string (__rw_replace, __rw_replace_aux): Decorated
	exported templates with the export keyword.
	* include/string.cc: Same.

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