Official Dockerfile for Apache Spark

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  1. 6f68fe0 Add support for java 17 from spark 3.5.0 by vakarisbk · 3 weeks ago master
  2. 028efd4 [SPARK-45169] Add official image Dockerfile for Apache Spark 3.5.0 by Yikun Jiang · 3 months ago
  3. a690e66 [SPARK-44892] Add official image Dockerfile for Spark 3.3.3 by Yuming Wang · 3 months ago
  4. 6fd201e [SPARK-44494] Pin minikube to v1.30.1 to fix spark-docker K8s CI by Yikun Jiang · 4 months ago
  5. 58d2885 [SPARK-40513] Add --batch to gpg command by Yikun Jiang · 5 months ago

Apache Spark Official Dockerfiles

What is Apache Spark?

Spark is a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing. It provides high-level APIs in Scala, Java, Python, and R, and an optimized engine that supports general computation graphs for data analysis. It also supports a rich set of higher-level tools including Spark SQL for SQL and DataFrames, pandas API on Spark for pandas workloads, MLlib for machine learning, GraphX for graph processing, and Structured Streaming for stream processing.

About this repository

This repository contains the Dockerfiles used to build the Apache Spark Docker Image.

See more in SPARK-40513: SPIP: Support Docker Official Image for Spark.